Tuesday, July 5, 2011

India is it a democracy or has it become a monarchy?India was ruled by Indian rulers, Mughal emperors, rulers of different casts and creeds. Then Indians were treated like slaves by Britishers. After Independence, India emerged as a democratic country with rules and regulations set, with its own Constitution, political parties and leaders. But what is happening today after so many years of independence? Are we still a democracy? Yes of course India is a ‘democracy’ in books, papers and words, specially the words of politicians before election. Today government is run by family members rather than the members of parliament. Parties are headed by the head of families.Before we were ruled by kings and their family and now it is prime minister, chief minister with their families ruling the country. We have seen so many leaders fighting for berths for the children they had given birth. Parliament has become a family get together these days. 

No parent would say I want my son or daughter to become a politician and if someone says so then I am sure they are politicians themselves. That’s because not many can survive in politics successfully if they don’t have a strong political background, in the present day. Today most politicians start their underground works to make their children hold the power, when grown up, even when they hear the news that their spouse is conceived.

 In recent times, there is an alarming increase of incidents of political leaders paving way for their sons, daughters, nephews and nieces to become MLAs, MPs and Ministers, irrespective of their competence. This clearly shows that these politicians have a good profit over their business called 'politics' and that’s the reason they don’t want the powers and the wealth to move off from the hands of their family. We can see most of the politicians getting their sons and daughters married to big industrialist and businessmen and the clear reason behind this is to invest their earnings through politics.(binami)

“Politics is a family business and marriage is a political business.” ,for them.

It was disheartening to know that 27 MPs in Lok Sabha today belong to prominent political families. Government is a business and election is investment now a days. Politicians quote that they want their family dedicated to the welfare of the nation. They, as a family, dedicate their lives for the people. And these are words of the tongue during the election campaign and not from the hearts. If they really want their sons to work for the nation, live and die for the nation why are they not ready to send their son for the army, navy and the air force? It is very clear that these statements are just popularity gaining tricks used. They just want to glue the powers to their hands and digest the resources of the party and the nation.

 Like Hindu Succession or Muslim or Christian succession Congress succession is also a rule in the party. Starting from Nehru the congress is headed by or we can say the Country's total power is in the hands of his family members. PM post was reserved for Indiara and then to Rajeev and then the hidden PM is Sonia and soon Rahul. 

They are not even  bothered if the person is worthy enough to hold the post. Politicians easily earn and remain dominant wherever they go. They enjoy the power and wealth of the nation. They don’t want this fortune to leave their family and hence play tricks to reserve the posts of MLA MP and minister for their family members. Not only giants of politics, but even a yesterday-winner of election thinks the same. This is basic human mentality to protect and give preference to their family first. But it is we, who suffer due to this. These politicians are not a bit bothered about what is to be done for the country and even if they do something good for the country it is to win the next election or make a huge profit out of it. They don’t even think if their sons, daughters, nephews, nieces, in laws will be able to handle the post and if they are fit for it or not. What they want is the post and the powers and the benefits out of it go without a say.


What is the reason for such a situation prevailing in India? Why is the future of democracy in the hands of few families? Who is the reason for taking India ages back to a king’s rule? No doubt it is we, the citizens. We lack patriotism and the owning ness. India's Citizenship is considered temporary by most youngsters and they value other country's 'color card'  as their priced possession. We are not ready to fight against this. After so many years of independence we still remain slaves to the political families and we fail to understand that “It is out country”. In most places people blindly vote seeing the family name and background and not the candidate. These people are not properly aware of the current status and about the candidates.

Democracy is like cooking our own food with the required ingredients. But is it the same today? , Not at all. Now people are not just bothered about what’s happening in the county. They feel lazy to cook, they are happy with whatever is being served. The county is considered a hotel, nobody is bothered who cooks as long as they are served once the food is not to their taste they fight for changing it. We don’t fight for our rights unless we are affected. 

The main reason of negligence is that people are not properly aware. A citizen has the right to vote at the age of 18 but how many are aware of what is politics at that age. At 18 most of us are not even aware of the parties that exist. We study botany, zoology, geography, history at the primaries and high school level irrespective of what we take as profession in the future.  Why so? That’s because we need to know certain basic things of all these subjects in order to live. But what is most important is to know about the present political affairs and about our country. There should be a compulsory subject regarding all the election procedure, current political affairs, parties and all that is needed for a child to grow into a proper citizen.

Another strong reason for this pathetic situation of the country is that there is no restriction only for the politicians. Politics is open to all.
  • Even to become a server they ask for qualification these days but nobody is bothered about the qualification of a person who governs the country.
  • There is no age bar for any politicians. When a normal citizen who works for the government even in the simplest job has to get retired at the age of 60, why is that there is no age bar for a chief ministers and prime ministers who are the head of the country. Do they think at the age of 80s and 90s a person will be capable of governing a country?!
There should be rules even to enter politics, like:
  • A minister of certain field must be qualified in that field or at least must have some experience working for that field.
  • An experienced person can be a head but the whole ministry cannot be filled only with old people who just have experience but can’t really work.
  • Every party must follow seniority before deciding on the ministry. Just as how promotion is issued to a normal government servant.
  • There should be an age limit, age of retirement for the politicians too. They can have the experienced politicians in the party to guide the people who form the government.
We can’t change the world in a day. What is needed is youth participation in the election and spreading awareness about what is really happening in the country.
  • Let’s wake up and enjoy our rights.
  • Let’s vote happily and attain the satisfaction in electing a proper person.
  • Let’s not give way to clogging of power in the hands of greedy families.
Jai Hind.

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