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I always wonder what could be more pleasurable than a sound sleep. Man could have found a substitute for every natural phenomenon, he has employed artificial assistance to almost every natural phenomenon and has been successful in his effort. Right from breathing to reproduction there is some or the other artificial assistance. But one thing man can never substitute with artificiality is sleep and the pleasure of sleeping. The only thing engineering college students mostly do is, killing time with the help of "sleep". Being a SLEEPaholic myself i am presenting you few moments related to sleep. 

I usually get up at 7:30 in the week days as it is enough if i reach my stop at 8:05 am. That is one reason why i chose SAIRAM ENGG COLLEGE. Right from my K.G's i ve always been a smart kid who can get ready in 30 minutes to school. I practiced it that way because i always wanted to sleep well in the morning like anyone of you reading this.I would get ready by 8:00 and reach the stop at 8:03 am. There begins the story of how embarrassing sleep can be. 

                         We dont have a fixed bus for our stop, so we guys have to board any bus that stops. The bus that stops will always be preoccupied by the students who regularly come in that bus. This is why our stomates dont get to sit next to each other all the time. The moment I enter the bus i look around for a seat, near the window preferably. After i get well settled in the place i get (mostly not a window seat), i start observing the surroundings inside the bus. It is always funny to look at other people when they have nothing to do. im sure you must have done that too. 

Sleeping gal at a distance:
                    There will be one girl who has already fallen asleep on the seat next to her meant for others. There will be one other girl who seems to have just closed her eyes. When you look at her closely (guys if u r from sairam u pl dont try this. might lead to a loss of Id card, few days of leave in the name of suspension and u'll turn a rockstart in a day with the help of circulars read out in all classes.BEWARE. U look at guys around tho im not sure of how guys would react-TYPICAL SAIRAM GAL) coming back to the broken sentance, When you look at her closely you can see her head tilting to the right slowly. The moment she looses the grip and her head tilts more than an allowable limit, she will regain consciousness. She will open her eyes and look around to make sure that none saw her head falling down. That is when you need to act smart as though you haven't seen anything. When she comes to know that none has seen it she feels so relieved as though she has murdered someone n there is no eye witness. 

Sitting next to Sleeping girl:
  At times there will be a girl who is sitting next to you, who is sleepy. She will look at us for a few times , you will really not know why she is doing that. If you look at her few minuted later, she would have closed her eyes and her head would have already started dancing to the tune of the bus. The most important thing is that this is true only if you sit to the right of a sleepy person. The girls head will slowly slide rightwards. again it will go back to the previous position, again right again to the same old position. This will happen a few times but the girl will resist hard not to open her eyes. Suddenly her head will tilt to the extent that it reaches your shoulder. It will hit your shoulder and suddenly the girl will get up as though she got the worst nightmare ever. You will get a doubt if you had passed an electric shock to her.She will as a sorry and she wont even look your side for the rest of your journey.

Sleep like a swan
There are a few who sleep without bothering about the outside world. Those people go to the swan position, head hanging down and they go to sleep. When you look at them you will know the pleasure they get from the few minutes of sleep but at times you get a pain in your neck thinking about their neck pain in the evening after reaching home. 

Stop missed?!
When you sleep you forget the world around you. Suddenly when you get up it takes a few seconds for you to come back to reality. When you sudddenly get up you look outside the bus. You start wondering if you have missed your stop. AT times that happens,yes. But most of the time you will be somewhere close to your stop and you get scared that you have already missed it. You worry till you find something imprinted remarkably well in your memory, mostly something like Domino's, anjappar, A2B, in short hotels and fast food centers. 

Whoever has read the above are requested not to board the bus i board. If you have ever sat near me in the bus be sure that im not refering you. This is a general note. I have also done all those i have mentioned here. Sleep is a pleasure. It might embarrass you not just in the bus but during the lectures, meetings, interviews,exams and so on. But sleep is something man cannot resist at times. Dont feel so embarrassed. Just enjoy the sleep and when you are awake enjoy looking at others who sleep. 

vidyalakshmi akka (Bus memories with u are evergreen in my memories, tho this is nothing related to our BUS_STUFF its ok..bus na vid akka than 1st 2 years :) ) 
punch bala
at times: 
IT QUEEN suganya,
Running shrinidhi,
chrismom chrischild ananthalakshmi 

Note: If you get reminded of this note when you feel like sleeping in the bus, im not responsible. I did not anyway ask u to read this :P ;) 

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  1. I guess you guys would have to travel for more than an hour in the bus to reach home. In that case, I would sleep as well ;)

    But for me, its just a mere 35min travel and its also interesting coz we race against another one of our own coll bus! My experiences of travelling in our coll bus were thrilling and funny!

    Oh but wait! No matter what, we do sleep in the bus in the morning while going to coll ! haha, guess we have some issues there :P

  2. i experienced this embarrassing feeling very recently...n u explained in such a way that u hav done some research..jst the common thing that happens in our daily life.n finally my verdict is " u make ur readers happy"

  3. Thanks a lot @harshah.. all of us experience this..dont we? :)
    Ur verdict has made my day today :)


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