Tuesday, August 2, 2011

one such hero:major-sandeep-unnikrishnan

Walking down the street thinking of nothing
there i met her she was busy doing something

so thin and so dull i was sure she starved
guessed her heart to be painfully carved

not so young not so old
but the looks told me she was bold

i went near to fill my ears with her sorrow
her act made it clear she din want my time for a borrow

"mom!pleae tell me what it is?"i asked
into her heart a little trust on me passed

her lips could'nt resist the say
and it was totally not about the poor lady's pay

she slowly said that she had a son
who had joined the army so young

he loved the motherland more than me
left me alone without answering my plea

bullets teared his flesh and made him lay
dislloyal motherland ate him up yesturday

i dont blame the foe for my son's blood shed
but the motherland which is now fully fed

though i feel proud , whats the use
people never understand and they only abuse

i curse the gun that found my son delicious
should they not keep his memories amidst us

i know people will mourn for a day or two
next moment for a movie they form the queue

being his mother i ll always feel proud
as he was not just one among this mean crowd

tears rolled down her cheeks
modest smile slipped through her lips

i could understand what she meant
clearly understood peoples thoughts are lament

lets not forget the great, brave people who fought
just for our sake making their moms womb burn hot

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  1. The bravest man our brother sir maj.sandeep unnikrishanan,who sacrificed his life for us ... salute u sir and for the every bravest man who are in indian army ... JAI HIND


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