Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The "Real Heroes” always smile at the grip of death
Feeling proud, for the country leaving their last breath

On wreckage a true soldier will always say
“Die me, rather in the border, for the country, I lay.

Let the war field be flooded by the blood of mine
Than being served to the ocean’s purposeless dine.

Why hasn’t the ocean mother eaten up the terrors,
Who entered the ‘Mumbai’, thro her, with horrors”

Without these men of honor the country is peeled
Their corpse and sacrifices make the borders healed.

Than the soldiers we should be proud of their wives,
Who proudly cry after the end of their beloved’s lives.

“Cut me” to the swords of the enemy, say these men
“Jai hind” will be the last words, time of death, even then

Bearing you fearless men, India feels lucky and proud
As a tribute, we assure to fight terrorism showing our unity loud.

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