Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Standing on the top of a hill
After trying all sorts of pills

"Should I fall down into the depth"
asked my brain before the last breath

"You are worth nothing more"
says the broken heart, as life was sour

Legs get back and say a big NO
I can feel life moving away on its toe

In my next birth I wish to be...
"Fall down Fall down" such thoughts plea.

Last breath warns me to see
the last vision as life's fee

Immortal is none, so i m convinced
my nerves wind up making me tensed

My lips had never said these words before
but now heart in bits, happenings had tore

I made my mind to fall down
I know sorrow is deaths dirty crown

Finally my brain spoke to me polite
asked me not to die taking things light

Obeying it walked back my feet
filling my life with a feew more sheet.

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