Saturday, August 27, 2011

I prefer not to say “Im against corruption” rather I’d say I am compelled not to stay against it. If I am against corruption ill have to be against lot of people I personally know. There are lot of points I want to quote to say why I am not against corruption but I have planned to focus on just one point in this blogpost.

Today maximum number of students desires to become either an engineer or a doctor. More than the students, parents want to somehow make their child either of the two, even if they are not willing to take up BE or MBBS. They are ready to pay in lakhs as capitation to hold a seat for their son or daughter. It is very clear that getting capitation and selling seats is against law, even buying is. When even a comman man (even uneducated) walking on the street knows the cost of a seat in a particular branch in a particular college, our government with so much power doesn’t. Shu you please don’t tell them, it’s a secret.

Ok now coming back to the point. Parents crowd the administrative offices of the engineering or medical colleges, even before the results are out sometimes. They are ready to pay from 1 lakh to 40 lakhs to get a desired seat. This cost various from branch to branch based on demand for it and from college to college based on ranking, results and placements. Based on the demand the colleges hike the capitation. Once the results are released the parents of the low achievers want to somehow fit in their child into the stream they find good for them. The capitation will be hiked for each mark that’s below a decent limit. As mark goes down the price goes up.

Again back to the topic of discussion, why am I not against corruption?  Isn’t this against law? Not just selling but even buying these seats is unlawful.50% of the seats of every engg and medical colleges are sold this way. Then isnt the 50% crowd of engineers and doctors along with their parents corrupt?
When a middle class or a lower upperclass are ready to pay whatever to become engineers or doctors or make their kids one of the two, why cant Mr.Raja do a scam just because he wants to become a millionaire or whatever is the right word that fits well with his property,im sorry im not even a beggar in front of those huge figures so im not aware of the right word. Leave alone Raja, even the comman man blames a minister who bribes the top people of the party to get into the ministry for the countries downfall. How good are you to blame them? Aren’t you blocking the seat that must have gone to a deserving candidate? As long as there is a buyer there will be a seller.
Ok now you might argue with me asking me not to compare the figures that the ministers, say for example Mr.Raja handles to that of capitations (cost of education). Now my answer to that. What do you think can make india better and developed soon? When we have right people at the right place. When someone is not a bit interested in studies and just because has a wealthy father gets a medical seat isnt that like stopping india from getting developed in the near future? Don’t ask me how. But if you have a question let me guess that and answer before you type down a comment about it.

When one not so deserving candidate blocks a medical seat with 40 lakhs and a poor kid who is not just deserving but passionate gets deprived of it, don’t you think there is a loss of a good doctor in the future? Leave aside the bad doctor and its impact. Same goes to engineering.
Now think about this-in every clg the 50% is at least in a few thousands in a particular year. There are at least 300-400 colleges in total. Im no vijaykanth so you please calculate.
So before you say you are against corruption,
before you paint the india flag and go there to the gathering,
before saying im team anna,
before saying im also fasting at home
before updating ur status as “Anna wins”
make sure you and your fellow men are not corrupted.

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  2. of ur best

  3. It really sounded different. In the past 15 days or so the whole of India was chanting and waving tricolour to say we are against corruption. Your article gave a different insight into the whole issue. My fellow citizens read this article and touch your heart and say are you doing justice by shouting we are against corruption. As Mahatma said "change starts from within" I wish we all do that. Kudos to you for writing this wonderful article. Leaders dont do different things they do things differently. You are one among those leaders. Keep up the good work.

  4. truthful ..........change has to be started from within......not in status


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