Thursday, August 11, 2011

People say marriages are made in heaven but I was a girl who thought if after-marriage life should be heaven-like it should be a love marriage. I was waiting for the HIM to enter my life, wanted to experience love. After years of waiting it happened one day and I discovered my love. If you are eager to know how, you should first know about my life. Hi, I am Sunitha. 

I was sitting in a park, waiting for him for almost half an hour. I looked around to make sure that none of them around were known. I was very much tensed and that made me sweat badly. I picked my phone from my handbag and dialed his number; it said the line was busy. Suddenly he closed my eyes from behind. I was very sure it was him; I knew every movement of his, his odor, something always made me realize his presence. He slowly hugged me from behind and kissed me on my cheek. He came near me, looking into my eyes and sat next to me. We looked at each other for none-knows-how-long. Suddenly it started raining. The rain dissolved us, the bench we sat on, the park, everything. My mom started yelling “Suni, time to get up. Don't you want to go to office today?”.

This dream of mine disturbed me a lot. Being at the right point in the age ladder to fall in love, this was more than enough to create enough distraction. Adding to it my friend Raghav came to me with a wide smile. Raghav, the smartest of all working with me, came near me and asked “Coffee”. I couldn’t refuse. We went to a nearby coffee shop in his car.  He was driving and I was sitting just next to him, like in my dream. He selected played “I love you” song from Body guard. This was more than enough to keep the smile pasted for long on my face. We reached the coffee shop. Before I could get down he asked me to wait. He pulled out a box from his pocket and opened it in front of me. IT was a beautiful ring. He said “ I love you. Will you marry me?”

I was not very sure if saying yes was the best thing to do. I slowly got down from the car and said bye to him. I called for an auto and got into it. I didn’t want to say a yes with the disturbed mind. I wanted time to think. He ran to the auto and asked “whats wrong?”. I said “ I need time to think. Will call you tomorrow.”  He kept calling me but I did not attend. I did not respond to his messages.

Two days passed and i still did not say yes to him. The third day i made up my mind to accept his proposal. . I did not want to text him or tell the happy news over the phone. I wore my favorite dress and chose the best set of ear ring. I lit the lamp in the Pooja room and prayed god. I always do that before taking big decisions in life. I waited for him in my office lobby. He came there but to my surprise with my friend in his side. His arms were around her shoulder. 

"Hi suni” said uma, a good looking girl who works with me. She was wearing the ring he showed me the previous day. Uma said “Hey we have planned to get married to eachother. He asked me yesterday and I said yes.” I wished them good luck. He shamelessly smiled at me and said "come darling lets go" and took her away. “Beep” there was a text message for me. It was from him. It read “I asked few of you and she agreed to the proposal. So you better don’t tell her that I asked you out. That is when i realized that there was nothing called love. I always used to say love is neither a feeling nor an emotion, it is just an assumption. People assume that they are in love and hurt themselves.
I was upset when i drove back home. I was driving as slow as possible. I still remember that second of that day. I saw a guy standing in the side of the road in the signal. He was waiting to cross the road. At that moment I did not know that he was the one who was going to make me realize what true love is. The guy fell down and went unconscious, right in front of my eyes. I stopped the car instantaneously and ran to him. I picked him up with the help of people around and drove him to the hospital. After few hours of waiting outside and looking at him, the doctor said he was fine. I went near him and sat next to him. I did not know him before but something brought tears in my eyes. He took my help and got up. He asked me to sit near him in the bed. I sat. It was just like the scene in my dream but the location was different. He hugged me and kissed me in my cheek. That was my first kiss ever; i felt the same way i had felt in my dreams. I lifted him up and made him sit on my hip. Yes, he was five years old. I discovered what love was that very minute.

Love is not that which you assume it is; it is something that’s found in everyone everywhere. The real love lives in every smile of others.


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