Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I was really very tensed about my interview and sat as calm as possible,unusually, in the waiting hall. A tall man who we guessed to be a volunteer came and asked one of us to enter an interview panel that was free. I slowly lifted my head and looked through the glass door. The interviewer did not smile, he looked rude, so i didn't want to enter that panel. I waited for some more time. I kept observing all the panels and how the interviewers looked when they asked questions to others. There was one panel which was empty. A tall man, dressed in blue and with a French beard came and went inside. I guessed that he would be very friendly looking at his French Beard. he looked young and the beard told me that he gave importance to his looks which means he was stylish so must surely be a friendly person. The next second i went and waited outside that panel.
He smiled and called me in. His smile gave me a little more confidence to face him. There started my 40 minute long interesting interview. Not a single minute i felt the stress of being interviewed. That man made each minute look easy for me. Let me tell you what happened inside and how i managed to impress him. 

Him: Hello madam! How are you? 
Me: I am Fine sir, How are you? 
Him: I am very fine. Take your seat. 
I adjusted the chair and sat down. I settled well, placed the 2 files i carried on the table. But the pen i carried remained in my hands.I handed over my resume and the form that i filled to him. He first glanced through the form. I hadn't filled the project column of it. 
Him:Why haven't you filled the Project column?
Me I have not even started the project sir, i just have an idea of what i am going to do. So i thought i shouldn't enter it there. 
Him: Can you brief your project?
He gave me a sheet of paper which i used to explain my project.
Him: what is quality?
I took the pen and scribbled on the paper given to me, the way we usually do to check if a pen is worth buying. 
Me: This pen writes well so i consider it to be a quality pen but for you it may not be upto your expectation so you might not consider this a quality pen. So quality is a relative term. It depends on used satisfaction
Him: How will you satisfy the user? 
Me: Being a human myself i will know  the mind set of the user and what he expects from the product. So irst thing i will do is satisfy my own self. 
Him: What is the biggest challenge you have ever faced? 
I had taken my media activism file along. I desperately wanted to show it to him. So i wanted my answer to be related to that.
Me: Sir, till my high school i was very poor in writing. Everyone used to tease me for that. I took it as a challenge and i improved myself and wrote articles that were fit enough to be fitted in newspapers. I have an album sir.
I showed him the album
Him: TCS needs people like you who can write articles. We have online magazines...
Mind voice: "Happada mudinjidichu pola erikke"
 but those are extra curricular.Whats important is your technical skills.I will ask you some technical questions. Then continued BLAH!BLAH BLAH! 
The rest of the questions were the usual ones. 

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