Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Meera left the place immediately with tears flooding her face. She fled back to her car. She tried her best to avoid the drama from being noticed by the driver. Tears were stronger than her and won the battle. The mascara, dissolved in tears, got spread all over her face; she looked pathetic. The driver looked into the rear view mirror and asked her “Madam, any problem?” She looked into her mobile as if it wasn’t heard. She couldn’t hide it anymore; the driver already saw her crying. The waterfall crying continued till she reached home.

 The moment the car reached her home, she picked up tissues and wiped her face.  “Driver uncle, please don’t tell mom or dad that I cried.”, saying that she went inside.
“Whats wrong with you Meera? Did you cry?” Nadhiya, her mom, asked.
“No mom.” She went to her room in a jiffy and locked it from inside.

Her phone bell rang and it was Santhosh; her cousin, friend all rolled into one. He enquired if there was some problem and told her that Nadhiya auny had called him up. Meera told him the entire story. She never hid things from Santhosh. Santhosh convinced her and said that he’d be back home early for her.

She picked up her laptop and logged into facebook. She wanted to delete the ‘?’ she had previously posted on Ashruth’s wall. To her shock there were 4 comment-notifications and a few likes for that wall post. All the likes and comments were from his close friends.
Neil Mathew: “What’s cooking Ash,  good news ah?”
Arya: “Good news for us? You told her uh?”
Karan: “? ? ? ? ?”
And finally Niroop, Ashruth’s best friend : “Things worked out uh? Happy now?”
(Eve: Guys have no other better work to do. Do you have something else to worry about other than ‘Who is typing on whose wall’?
Adam: We are least bothered about who is typing on whose wall. It’s Meera, a hot chic, so obviously we want to like and comment on her activities on Facebook.
Eve:  “I ate idly” from a girl and you guys rush to comment on it. Later you will blame girls for this. Silly guys.)
                    Meera was confused. ‘Are these people just mocking him for the wall post or is there some other meaning glues to it. “Things worked out?”does this mean he was trying to hit on me? Then why the hell did he reject my proposal.’ Thoughts stirred her mind that was almost a pond of tears by now. Few seconds later Ashruth came online. She did not ping him, she was scared for being mistaken for the wall post. He pinged her.
She typed “I’m very sorry. I did not mean to.... You know I posted that just like that..” ans again the backspace worked. “It was my fault. I will solve it...” again backspace worked. “I’m really sorry. I won’t trouble you ever again in my life.” Again backspaced. She gathers up all the courage she had  to type “Ya Hi”

(Adam: She’ll type sorry but not send; bloody ego these girls are immersed in.
Eve: We girls never hesitate to ask sorry for our wrong deeds. But even if we have the slightest of the slightest doubt that the fault is not ours, we won’t apologize.
Adam:  What doubt? You do it and blame it on others. You girls always have your index finger open at others.)

He did not reply back. She kept typing sorry along with a big paragraph and backspacing it. Suddenly the wall post on his wall vanished, he had deleted it. Her pulse increased and frequency of tears popping up increased.
“I’m sorry”
“What are you sorry for?” she asked.
“My friends were linking me up with you for a long time now and they mistook the wall post.”
(Eve: Just a ‘?’ and they mistake her to be in love with him. Silly guys.
Adam: Isn’t she in love with him?
Eve: Yes, she is.
Adam: See. )
“Why did they link you with me?” that was enough to roll back all the tears and paste a smile on her face.
“I had a c...You know it was just a” he was reluctant to tell her that.
“You had what?” she was curious. She was even ready to tear his throat apart and pull the ‘I love you’ form him.
“It was just a” he paused for a few seconds.
?”, she was not able to stand the suspense even for a nano second. She had guessed it already.
“Crush on you.” He finally told her. “But it was nothing more than a crush. Any guy who meets you would get his hear beat more than usual and a tornado in his lungs.”
                 Her jaw dropped to the floor below and she asked “But then, why did you reject my proposal?”
“It won’t work out between us.” He said and went offline. She called him up but he did not pick up. He did not reply to any of her texts. But that was enough for her, for the day. She was happy that he had some feelings for her. ‘It was not love, it was just crush, who cares what the word is. It’s all the same, branches of the same tree called “FEELINGS”’ she convinced herself.

(Adam: Don’t you think, what Ashruth is doing, is the girls’ deed usually?
Eve: What?
Adam: Girls do that often. Fall in love and cover it up with the word crush.
Eve: We never do that. Once in love, we tell it bold.
Adam: Do you love me then?
Eve: No way!

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  1. Nice one again:) Loved the Adam-eve conversations:)

  2. Good one again. Ahhh! am bored of saying this :P

  3. @sowmya-thanks sweety :)
    @sachin- :) i wish u get terribly bored everytime and my posts entertains u like this always :) hope i dont disappoint u :)

  4. am sure u wont disappoint me :)

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    @sachin- :) I hope i dont :)

  6. hehehe
    now i am eagerly waiting for the next.................
    adam eve commentary is excellent

  7. i am likin a new series pretty much!! its kinda movin faaast n interestin :)

  8. Thanks! I hope the coming episodes dont disappoint u :)

  9. nice... interesting:)

  10. hey just now i was about to read ur blog.such a touching one.i coudnt resist myself from reading. couldnt move anywhere its locking me great narration and style.i knew am quite ;ate reading this. but anyways thought of getting u on line but couldnt. if u ve ma number please do message me. i just wanna convey ma wishes over wishes:)

  11. @karpagam- Thank u soooo much means a lot to me . :)I will inbox you . :)

    @sivaranjani-Thanks :)

  12. nice one..:) its interesting n i thank vignesh parameshwaran for introducing me to dis blog...GB.. its making me read more..:)

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