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13: Suspense unfolded
Cut back:

                After Meera called up her parents to tell them the good news about her marriage, she left to the airport.  She got the boarding pass but came out. She realized that she had not given him the gift she had bought for him. She smiled to herself a million times as she headed to the hospital. She reached the hospital and ran to his room.
“I need to meet Ashruth right now.” She said to the receptionist.
“But mam, doctor asked me not to send anyone in. He asked me not to call him too. He is in an important meeting mam.” Receptionist restricted him from entering the room.She waited for five minutes.

“Mam, can you please see to that no one enters for 5 minutes. I need to go to loo.” The receptionist asked and left the place.

Meera was not able to wait anymore; she wanted to get inside immediately. She wanted to give him the gift that almost took 1 week of her time. She was excited to know how he reacted. Meeting did not seem so big to her. She opened the door and was shocked. She saw him with another girl. They were very intimate. He was about to kiss her and Meera had interrupted. He did not expect Meera there.

Meera cried and took out her mobile. Ashruth snatched it, switched it off and threw it away. Meera broke into tears. The other woman there held Meera’s hands and Meera was not able to free herself from the grip of the woman. Ashruth gave her an evil grin and said
“Yes, it was your money that I wanted. Now what?” Ashruth said.
“What are we going to do now Ashi?”,  Ashruth’s illegal affair asked.
“We will think about it.” Ashruth’s phone bell rang. It was the news about the fire accident at the airport. The victims were sent to his hospital and he had to rush to attend them. He gave Meera Chloroform and hid her in the dump room. He locked the room and came out. The receptionist had forgotten about Meera in the chaos. The victims were shifted to the hospital and Ashruth attended a few.
                There she was Deepthi. Deepthi had a burn in her face and arm. Ashruth was attending Deepthi. His phone rang, it was Santhosh. He did not know what to say. Meera did not board the flight that met with an accident. But if he told that he will have to send Meera back home. Meera, now, knows the real him. He didn’t want to send her back. But if he says that she died in the accident he wouldn’t be able to rob their property in the name of marriage. He gave it a thought and attended the call. When Nadhiya asked him about the fire accident he lied to Santhosh saying that Meera was with him. He also said she had a burn in her arm and face. That was from the case he was attending, Deepthi. Deepthi gained consciousness and he found out that she was hit in her head. Deepthi had forgotten the past; amnesia. An idea hit his head. He ran to the room and called his affair there. They both managed to suffocate Meera to death with a pillow. Then he burnt her face. Since he was the doctor he replaced Deepthi with Meera’s corpse and declared Deepthi’s death. Since the fire accident happened even before people boarded the flight, way before the take off, Meera coming back without taking the flight didn’t matter.
                So officially Deepthi was dead. Her corpse was sent to the mortuary. He brought Deepthi to his room. He took advantage over the self-forgotten state of Deepthi. He told Santhosh that Meera was suffering from amnesia and convinced them that he would take care. He also told them that she had burns all over her face and arm. He also told them that he was going to give her a plastic surgery. He did that to Deepthi. He morphed her into Meera with the help of the plastic surgery. Deepthi had forgotten the past and now she looks like Meera. She was a white paper and he could write anything into it; he wrote Meera in it.
“What if Deepthi gets back her lost memories?” Ashruth’s illegal affair asked.
“By the time she gets back her memory; people will sculpt her into Meera. Even her appearance will be against her memory.  She will be scared to tell it out. She won’t be able to picturize her own face ever. She will kill her old memories herself. I will also tell people there that such things might happen.”
“Wow! You are a genius.” The illegal hugged him and kissed him.
“Yes baby. I am a genius. I will marry her soon. In this state, her bloody parents will be scared if I’ll change my mind. Those idiots don’t even know the way we tried to make her fall for me. Thank god I found her diary. Thank god you gave me such a nice plan, instantaneously. A woman knows a woman’s heart. How true.” Ashruth said.
“I love you baby. Marry her soon. Rob them soon. Let’s fly to London and live our dream life.” She again kissed him.

Paste Front:
Ashruth told Santhosh everything that happened. Ashruth was helpless. Santhosh made a quick plan. He took a syringe and pulled the knob of it. He filled it with air and injected into Ashruth’s veins. He had seen this way of killing in a Tamil Movie, Nepali. He came out like he did nothing. He smiled at the receptionist and went back with Meera (Deepthi). He told Meera (Deepthi) what had happened.  

“Deepthi, please, can you act as Meera for few more days? Please. My uncle can’t digest that Meera is dead. Please do this for me Mee..sorry Deepthi.” Santhosh begged.
“Meera, call me Meera. The name has given me a beautiful family. I won’t miss them.”
Santhosh passed on the pen drives he had collected from Ashruth’s place to commissioner. He knew Ashruth’s dead was not going to be a big problem to him. He was ready to face anything, though.
“I missed meeting Deb, anyway. I will surely meet him in his next book release. We will definitely propose each other just like in my book, in an author signing. But the only change is, it will be his, not mine.” She said and smiled after ages.

Santhosh knew she was talking about him, but he did not want to change her dream of their life starting in an author signing program. 

There is one more chapter to end the series. Will Santhosh and Meera (Deepthi) marry? Where and how will they propose. JUST ONE MORE TO GO. 

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  1. Wow!!! Waateee superbbbbb twist!!! Loved every bit of it!!!!

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  3. I told you i'm a champ at guessing.. See, i'm a guessing champ here again ...

    the story got a nyc and unexpected twist at around the end and i luvd it .. :)
    waiting for the final chapter :)

    Regards :
    :) :)

  4. @sri,sowmya and manmay- thanks a lot :)

  5. woah woahhh unexpectedd :) i was so thrilled to read dis one gr88 going GEEBEE :)

  6. @kausalya- thanks for the comment :) Finale is up! :)

  7. im loving it <3 very nice :)feeling happy... tat culprit ashruth's chapter closed:):)santhosh rocks:)
    ore oru feeling dhan... hav oly one more chapter... surely miss tis thrilling:( start a new blog soon gb :):)i'll be waiting:):)al d very best to you:)

  8. @sivaranjani- My next series will start after diwali.. It will be names

    "Relationship Status: It's Complicated"

  9. wow completely unexpected twist

  10. Well,Yes indeed am going to take pains commenting for you have taken much greater efforts to pen this story giving the characters a life,an identity to enact themselves in.I loved the start much more than the end itself as the curiosity quotient was so high at the beginning filling my eyes with complete awe and suspense as to what this story might be all about. All the emotions neatly layered and finely worded,subtly expressed,magnifecently chained added with the jist of your own imagination.More than the story itself,I read through your lines looking for something deep,about how your senses tickled.Your hard work is quite evident in the fashion the paras are linked to create an inviting appeal.Well,this is my appreciation part.The suggestion part is obviously yet to follow on the condition that it has to be asked for as a budding writer like you should only face encouragement at this stage. Certain lines resembled the typical story-building style but nonetheless,your freshness and authenticity in storyline and rendition has enough in them to keep us glued onto your forthcoming SCRIBBLINGS ;)

    (Name would be revealed only on request )


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