Tuesday, July 5, 2011

“will anyone learn to make a mistake, that too spelling mistakes?” no?! maybe, but I learnt. There is a story to explain why I learnt to and to justify all the mistakes I make in my notes. This article is completely dedicated to those who read my articles and pointed out my spelling errs. J J thank u so much guys! Happy reading..

Life in UKG E section came to an end. First day of 1 std E section:
That was a bright morning in the month of june, if I am right it was june 11th,1995. I woke up with great josh to go to school after a two month long vacation. Every year the first day to school facinated me much.Not just because of the new class but I was always excited to meet new students who join us every year. I loved to make new friends. I was also eager to go to school before others could and hold a place, under the fan, for myself. I feel ashamed to tell you that this practice still continues and even in college I do the same, sorry girls.
As usual my mom dropped me at the gate and flew away as she was getting late to school as she had to sign before 9:05. I ran inside and located my class successfully. The class was not empty as I had expected. There were few kids who were smarter than me. Everyone sat in the corner that was better accessible to the staff than the one less accessible. I got the second row and made a comfortable sit. Then the next 30 minutes went on as usual, silence bell, prayer, secret talking having hands on mouth, just moving lips and last but not least trying to stand erect for vandhe matharam. Finally the 1st std classes begun. The teacher did not spare us even on the first day, she expected us to take notes. As small kids we did not know to shout in corus “Maaaaaaaaaaaam” so we had no other option than to write down. I wanted all my first pages to be neatly written but unfortunately god did not bless me enough to have a legible handwriting. Every time I wrote people would ask “Hey! You know chineese?” it was so bad. “what do I do god?! I want my first page to be neat, please help me out.” By the time I completed the prayer , the board was full of alphabets and I had no clue what those letters meant put together in a different order. If I knew something it was that I was supposed to take down the notes.  When my worry reached the extreme limits the girl next to me broke her pencil lid. An idea cropped up and I lent her my new NATARAJ pencil (red and black striped one) . She was over joyed and asked me why I hadn’t written a word. I told her the whole story thereby convinced her to write the first few pages for me and she really did that.
Before I could breath well realizes that one of the biggest problems had come to an end, there came another. Mam asked all our notes for correction. Those days we had same mam for social, science and maths. And this teacher will be there in the class for 4 long periods before lunch. I wonder how we could stand all that and now even if the bell rings a minute late we are not able to stand the teacher standing in front of us. She started correcting the notes. I started biting my nails and that was pakka influence of tamil movies.
The rules I learnt go like this “if you are tensed bite your nails, if your wife is going to give birth to a baby walk up and down. Once you join a college and you are asked a question scratch your head, if you feel shy dig a hole on the floor with your toe.”
I got my note back and to my surpirse mam did not find out that two notebooks had the same handwritings. Mam had a good habit of writing down all the words we had missed with red. This gave the lazy mind of mine an idea. From the next time I satrted to skip lot of words and everytime mam wrote that for me. This went to a stage where I wrote only “is on the in it if so to”. Mam obviously got irritated and threw the note right on my face.she said from the next time she will not write any left out words but just correct what I write. Now I had no other go other than to write down all the words. I did that but I wanted to do something different to complete the copying-from-board first with minimum effort. That is when the idea-loaded brain of mind ticked. “now I cant skip words and mam will correct only what I write. I need to reduce the writing work also..?! IDEA! Let me write all the words but shrink each of the too-many-lettered words by missing few letters.” I thought to myself. I practiced a lot, did a lot of hard work in order to skip few letters and make a spelling mistake but in a way that will look natural. I used to memorize the mistake I do everytime so that next time I can write the same short spelling for the word which will look natural.

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