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"can a girl be a friend of another girl? no, not at all" i thought till she shook hands with me and said the beautiful two lettered word "HI". In our LKG classes we girls were asked to sit in between boys, it was like a girl between two boys and a boy between two girls. so how did it happen? the next definition of Friendship.

It was my P.T period and we used to play in the ground during those classes. I loved only that period when i was in my LKG. she came to me and said "HI" and shook hands with me. she was Tamarai. first i looked at her puzzled. i thought a girl should not talk to another girl and thats why we were not allowed to sit next to a girl. I took 3 sec to give her my hand in return. But i strictly told her she needs to play only with me during PT classes and she should lend me her pencil everyday. She smiled and said i can also use her eraser if i want. there started my first friendship with a girl.

My mom used to give small Idlis(a south indian dish) for lunch everyday. oops! sorry, i am skipping the rest of my LKG story for the benefit of readers(if any). i am sure you will get fed up listening to it. ok, now back to UKG-E section. i hated idlis but my mom never listened to what i said. i liked only potato chips. i was thinking about how i could escape this horrible lunch everyday. I cant take it back home, mom will shout at me if i do that.I thought i could throw it away before going home on the street but mam used to check our lunch boxes everyday after lunch. Another problem made me worry. How many such problems can a KG kid face? So finally i got a grip on a super duper plan. After that for exactly one week i used to put the idlis in my lunch bag and cover it with lunch towel placing empty box and water bottle over it. no one found but one day i did the biggest blunder for which i still regret. That day i got over-enthusiastic and poured the sambar also inside my lunch bag and i got caught. I was asked to stand out. See how i had maintained being an outstanding student right from my UKG. I did not like crying even when i was small. i loved to smile and i smiled standing out. This mam of mine got wild and started shouting more. But nothing could disturb 'My favorite smile' on my face. From then on i was forced to eat my lunch.

I again got caught for the second time. I was so unlucky that i had to face so many problems.One day i was not able to eat my subji fully.I was scared. Mam came close to me and said the sentence i hated the most "Show me your lunch box".This was a sentence of horror and terror. I blinked,first refused, later showed her the box. She asked me why i had not eaten the subji. I quickly surfed my mind and got a brilliant idea. I told her " mam my grandmother loves this subji but she kept everything for me to eat. I am taking this back for her to eat." She knew i lied.She even told the teacher in the next class that what i said was cute though it was not true.

Now i am hungry. I skipped my meals. But after typing this note i feel like eating SMALL IDLIS.If you want them drop in sometime. :) :) Friends! You are always welcome :) :) :)

DEFINITION 3 FOR A F.R.I.E.N.D: any one who agrees to share one's pencil along with eraser and agrees to play with 'only' you during PT classes is a F.R.I.E.N.D

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