Tuesday, July 5, 2011

An autobiography of a simple girl

It was a very strange evening. I was sitting idle looking at the stars (evening and stars? ya, it was a weird evening, I said.) I have always wondered how people had got the idea of theaters but when i saw the sky i realized god paved a way for it. World is the biggest cinema hall and the sky is the "Big Screen", I thought. The moment this thought flashed in my mind I saw some strange object flying there, high up in the sky. It was very fancy. This fancy object kept flying for the next fifteen minutes in a circular fashion and my eyes started tracing it. Very soon I lost track of everything, i fell down, went unconscious. (Thala suthi keela vizhinthitten-to give a better feel to the tamil readers (if any))

when I woke up I was surprised. I was on the sky floating. My always-weird-complex heart told me "Come on! Be happy. You have made it to the big screen (the actual big screen) but brain said "Miss.Idiot you are dead."

Before I could say "what the ..whatever" a bell rang and it was my daily alarm. I had to go to college, actually had to hurry up to college. Finally, I reached the bus stop and waited there. I waited long enough to miss a bus which even waited for me to get in, right in front, dreaming. What was i thinking about? Surely not the usual thing. My bus-stop friends will know what it is usually. For the rest let me explain. Daily i used to say "Friends! Let’s miss the bus and walk back home. Our last chance to escape the 7 hours of imprisonment which is worse than a real lifetime imprisonment." but this time it was not that. I thought “what if that dream comes true. If such an asteroid hit the earth and if i die all of a sudden,..!!!! How will my one strong desire come true?" desire, a strong desireto write a book.
“You want to become a writer?!” my friends used to exclaim. It was not because I was from IITs or IIMs and I wanted to leave off all the high paying jobs and turn into a writer. It was because they knew the measure of my shiver in the Richters scale each time I was asked to write something at school. I knew I wanted to write a book but I did not know about what I should write. What can I write about that big writers have not written before? Finally I came to know about something that no one could have written before.
Acheivers and stolwards write down their auto-biography. People go crazy to read these, they get inspired by these biographies and they go to an extent even to learn these. But are auto-biography meant only for winners? ‘Why can’t I write something about my very own life?’ I thought.Thats the only think no one knows better than me. I am not a winner in life but I have lived a life too. I want people to know this and so I write down, oops! Sorry, type down this book. This book is defenitely not going to teach you how to live, its not going to set me as an example for the rest of your life. I am going to spice up my life to make it interesting for you to read and enjoy. I am sure if there is anything that’s going to be good about me in this book then it’s a big lie and you can enjoy the lie for a while. Here comes “The book of lies”, an auto-biography of a simple girl.

First Chapter:

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  1. Interesting prologue... Let me read rest of the pages to comment abt your first book. You are able to write atleast this much- that is a great success in your life! Enjoy... :)

  2. @remya- Thank u so much. I ve started writing a book online named "A Sip Of Love & A Sip Of Coffee". please look in to my latest posts :)

  3. Hi Ganga,

    Wow, you're quite a writer. The prologue seems good, I'll read the other chapters of the book too. So, since when did the writing bug bite you?

    Keep up the good work



  4. Hi JAy,
    Thanks for the comment and visit :)
    I have no idea when it bit me but the writing bug's bite has left back a big swell that always pains me when i dont scribble here :)


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