Friday, March 19, 2010

Proud to be a WOMAN:
When someone wishes me a "Happy Woman's day", a proud smile slips through my lips and my chin goes up. "I am a WOMAN and i am proud about it" my brain says . A mother is a born woman and a woman is a mother by birth. The word mother and woman means almost the same according to me. Mother not necessarily means a woman who has given birth, it refers to the divinity in the characteristics of a woman. That is why people say "Woman" is one word that can replace too many adjectives like caring,sacrificing ,affectionate, soft, tender, selfless and the list goes on.

One incident disturbed me so much in my past. i was seated in the back seat of the vehicle as my dad drove. we were caught in the middle of a busy road in a signal. 5 seconds were left for the signal to turn green. i turned around and what i saw disturbed me for more than a month now. i saw a woman who wore a little cloth just below the waist and one could say she was completely uncovered above waist.i could guess she was mentally affected and she was pregnant. She was walking in front of a not-all-that-small shop which had a dolls wearing a nighties for their own advertisement. All the pedestrians who passed by just glared at her but none bothered. All the vehicles moved and so did we. I was first angry that everyone just glared at her but did not bother to cover her up. Later, i realized that even i had failed to do that. I felt really ashamed of myself being a woman for not being of any help to fellow human (a woman).

Reason for Abuse
We celebrate woman's day, proudly say that women of today have excelled in all the fields possible but even today the cruelty against women stays to hit the papers. Let us all take an oath this woman's day that we will, at the least, voice for fellow women and join hands against the abuse woman face in their day today life for mere existence. The reason for woman being abused at various places right from the schools to work places is that we feel odd to complaint about the abuse or we feel awkward even to discuss it with our own female friends. Only if the girl who is abused come forward and boldly voice against it such incidents can be prevented. so girls lets be bold, let us not allow others to take advantage over the soft and tender nature of ours. Woman is soft still strong and we need to prove it.

This woman's day i would like to wish all the women who are HIV infected for no fault of theirs , the women who were sexually abused and the girl children who are forced into prostitution. Girls! womanhood is beautiful but these people are deprived of enjoying the beauty of it. If we don't stand for ourselves then who will?
Come on! Be THE WOMAN, join hands and stand for your rights... OUR RIGHTS!


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  1. powerful words :) happy woman's day ....

  2. Hope that woman gave birth to a woman who can guide her in wearing clothes!

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  4. What ! Can't believe it happened in such a crowded city like Chennai.

    And if you want to get into some action, you may try to contact Dr.Sunitha Krishnan of Prajwala, Hyd. She had come once for a talk and gave a heartening lecture about the magnitude of women/children abuse in India :-/

    Here is the video of her TED talk

  5. Yes. There are still women who are ill-treated and abused either physically or verbally. It's time we stand up and fights for our rights.

  6. Yes. There are still women who are ill-treated and abused either physically or verbally. It's time we stand up and fight for our rights.


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