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Last week when I was sitting idle in the class, an idea stuck my mind. Iplanned to write an article to (NxG) pass time.I wanted to write something about college life that every student from various colleges could relate to. Lots of ideas like exam pressure, result tension, strict rules, the canteen fun creep-ed in. After few moments I heard my mam calling out my name. I wondered why she had called me all of a sudden. After 7 seconds I realized it was because I had fallen on my notebook. I swear I did not realize it myself. I really didn’t know when I had fallen asleep. I stood up (NOT) to answer a question she had shot at me. I could just make out that she was talking in a familiar language but didn’t know which one it was. I had to show everyone how I look with shamelessly smiles. “If you feel sleepy please go out” she said. I had to plead to sit as that was not the first time I got caught for not listening in the class.
These 15 seconds of fame gave me an idea for my article. (Nothing could force me to listen to the class anyway.. you know students are made of sterner stuff).I wispered to my friend next to me “The Sleepy Moments- how is my title??”and all I could get in return was “Come on GB! I am fast asleep, don’t you dare wake me up the next time.” “Perfect title then..!” I told myself. So here, I am presenting the article for you …
………zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz MOMENTS:
Every college has a different atmosphere (I am refering to real atmosphere not the “good-lookings” of the college), different layers of cream (students), and varied level of strictness and drastically different set of staffs. No matter how it differs every college life has a few pages for the “SLEEPY MOMENTS”.
College life can be no spicy without the boring lectures, best lectures at the peek hours of the day (sleepy hours) and the 15 seconds of fame we gain everytime we get caught. In every college there will be a pitiable teacher who gets the classes in the last hour of the day or the hour after lunch. As soon as the guru enters the class, the whole class will start pleading for a free hour.“Syllabus ma.. “,”portions for Unit Test yet to be completed” they will have their own personal constrainsts which will compell them to keep it going. Our guru will start writing something on the board which will fly all around us exactly like in the movie Tare Zameen Par. We will realize that the class is going on in English but the holes in our ears will seem to be very small for all those words to get in. Sympathising the teacher, considering their care for us and the need to complete syllabus we’d try to keep our eyes (if not the ears, at least eyes) wide open. At times we’d laugh at each other for nodding like Einstein’s sisters who understood every single scientific word pronounced.Sometimes the staff will dictate something in Lating and we’d write it with the help of Greek letters ready to fall (your handwriting goes slanting when you aresleepy..)
At one point of time staring would kindle the mind to think of something interesting and this will start running in the depth of our minds. I am sure it will have nothing to do with the class nor will it be something useful. Everytime we shut the gates of our eyes even to wink our brain will auto-switch off itselfjust for that second but when we open our eyes we’d feel as though we had slept for hours together. In a desert even a drop of water seems to be a mighty ocean. Scared by the staffs and at times for the respect we have for them (at least for the fact that they are also normal humans and the sleepy hours of the day are the same for them.Sympethetically, they will have to control their sleep the whole of 50 minutes..Not even a WINK-SLEEP they get. Pity them!) This is when we think of (even dicuss about) how to manage the situation.
One such discussion:
To avoid sleep the first step is to send a PMS (Paper Messaging Service) to the sleepers in your neighborhood. This is done, as talking during lectures on is like inviting OSAMA BIN LADEN for a date to Liberty statue.
Ms.Idea 1: hey! How about placing a match stick between the eye lids or painting an open eye on the lids and closing it? Haven’t you seen TOM (Tom & Jerry) using these tricks??!
Ms.Idea 2: Think you have over-slept, that’s the reason why you blabber. Let’s drink some water ya.
Ms.Idea 3: good idea! Then we can ask permission to visit our ‘well-maitained’ restrooms.
Ms.Idea 2: Mam will kick your ass!
Ms.Idea 1: we’ll eat her lunch. It‘ll prevent sleep.
We open the tiffen box and frightfully have a spoon each.
Ms.Padips (unfortunately in the last bench): can you girls please do whatever you do without disturbing me. I’ll have to take proper notes.
Ms.Idea 2: (in a low tone to others): sh! sh! sh! Don’t disturb her let her take notes, only then I can take a photocopy of that during exams.
Ms.Idea 3: i’m too sleepy even to PMS you now. I am sleeping. Can you gals tell mam that I am extremely not well, when asked?
Ms.Idea 1 and Ms.Idea 2, with wide opened mouth and unchewed food inside, drop the spoon down on the floor in jealousy.
Our GURUJI: what are you girls doing? We stand up in respect (reasons cant be quoted again. if in case you have slept half the way reading this article,read it again or better forget it and go, sleep well) Keep standing.
As the staff turns to the board the three will HI5 each other saying “this time it is 15 Minutes of fame” (shameless I know!)
This article is an outcome of the research I did to wink without putting off my brain (if something so exists in me).
This article is subjected to risk of being read by the staffs or management.The characters in this article not necessarily are from my college. (Staffs reading this article kindly note the next point carefully)Most importantly none of the 3 characters is ME. This article was penned down by the most obedient student (no doubt I am surely talking about myself) who had completed the work assigned before writing this crap.:P and if you find this disclaimer to be fake I am not responsible. ;)
This is not to hurt anyone’s feelings. Sleep is a natural phenomenon which even staffs as students might have experienced.

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  1. Full marks for having kept the flow alive but to make the read compulsive, concise is the way to go.


  3. Nice post :). Its funny to imagine you standing and (not) answering the lecturer's questions :P

    But many profs here understand the plight of students ! Once a prof generally made a joke on me saying how I was dozing off in his class and accepted that not a single person would have managed to stay awake in all the classes.

  4. @all-sorry for the delay in thanking you for taking pains n commenting:) thank u

  5. Gud one ! :)
    anyone wud luv to read this


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