Saturday, January 30, 2010

                       Reddish Sun was ready to get dipped into the bluish sea, at a long shot. I was not able to adjust the hair falling on my face as i had my sandals hanging from my index fingers. The cold breeze gently pushed my hair off my face. I enjoyed the sound of the sea and walked along the shore. I felt like I was in a private meeting with the sea. As I bent, I saw deep foot-prints on the wet sand of the shore taking a path ahead of me. There was someone else on the lonely shore enjoying the secrets that the sea shared. I raised my eyes in curiosity and there he was. He was tall wearing trendy white jeans and white shirt. He had hung his Nike shoes, lace tied to each other, on his shoulders. He looked too manly from behind.” Wow! What a man” I said to myself.

I made my mind to somehow befriend him that day. The moment my bare foot touched his foot print I felt the breeze new, my breath new. ‘Had I never breathed before?’ This was completely strange I inhaled fresh air with a different fragrance. I felt the heart beat in my toes that touched the sand that his legs had touched before. I didn't want to miss the best feeling I had ever had within few seconds and was curious to know who "The Man" was. So i followed him touching his Leg Art with my foot and feeling those moments of ultimate pleasure over and again. The tide washed away one of the art of his legs on my way to reach him. I skipped a beat i didn't find it nice. I thought i should reprint his art on the ground with my own legs. I put my foot on the same place and pressed it hard. Yes there it was again and wow! I drew his leg with mine.

I continued to reprint the foot-prints. It was like being on the outer space. Looking into my watch sounded absurd to me but I was sure the sun had immersed completely in the sea. I stayed there so long re-reprinting just ten steps. I realized the darkness that cropped and found that he had gone a long way. My god! I couldn't even see him. I closed my eyes in pain .Then rang my mobile with "kaise muje" my favorite ring tone. "We are calling from ICICI bank mam, we have introduced new exciting offers ...” an idiot spoke nonstop without knowing the kind of feeling he had interrupted. "Sorry not interested" I cut the line and opened my eyes. He hadn't gone alone. He took away the sea, shore, breeze, setting sun along. 'Was it a dream?' I asked myself. I touched my feet with my hands and found sea sand falling on my bed.’ Shocking! Wasn’t it a dream? But where has the sea gone if it wasn’t?’ I was confused. Still I had to start my routine for the day. But my feet felt sand beneath the whole day. I was thoroughly confused so I ran home and locked myself inside my room. I started crying curling in one corner.My lips never smiled that day and my checks never dried. I closed my eyes and tilted my head. A shoulder supported my falling head and I smelt the same fragrance. Fingers filled the gaps of my left palm. ‘It must be him.’ I wasn’t ready to wait anymore. I opened my eyes and saw my head resting on the wall, right hand fingers into the left. ‘Nothing was real again? Nothing was real but the tears, I was left with, were true. I closed my eyes and again there were shoulders, fingers, fragrance but this time I was reluctant to open my eyes. ’What if he disappears if I open my eyes, just as he had done before’ He said into my ears “It is time you come along. I am waiting here for ages to live with you” I had heard this voice before but did not know when.
Someone lifted me but I was left behind in the same position. I found myself weightless. I no more felt the heart beat. But I was happy that he was back. I wanted to hug him tight and accept his kiss. I heard people woe for a long time but nothing bothered me much. “He” was my world and he was my only world. Suddenly I felt warm as he hugged me. I opened my eyes immediately and I saw something I couldn’t believe. I saw a graveyard filled with my kith and kin burning me. He came close to me so close so that his lips were hardly away from mine. “You are dead.” I saw his face for the first time and it was, to my surprise, very familiar. He put his lips on mine and kissed me hard. He didn’t allow my lips to move from that position even for saying a single word. He hesitantly moved a little back and words slipped from his lips “We were Adam and Eve, We were Romeo and Juliet and we were true lovers of all ages. We truly loved in all our previous births. As you ate the apple first, as Eve, you took this birth on earth alone. It is 2012 now and 21st December 2012 the earth might vanish. We might not take any more births but our true love will never have an end We flew into the sky and celebrated the occasion with aSTAR_LIGHT DINNER in Milky Way galaxy.

It is 20th December 2012 today and I am reliving all my births in my DIARY PAGE. I am waiting to see if the earth would face the doomsday. Adam keeps saying “Next time you find an apple think like our great grandson Newton as why it is falling downwards than thinking about how it would taste.” I just love him for all this. This might be the last page I write…. Will the earth vanish tomorrow?????
Adam and Eve will keep taking births as long as the earth stays. Nobody knows what would happen on 21st December 2012. Earth might disappear but surely not their LOVE.

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  1. A creative other words..its a classical start..
    It is indeed a flowering,as it carries the fragrance of love.CREATIVITY,the womb of ecstasy,is the very energy of the soul which gives you wings to kiss the pinnacle of bliss.
    But,here, i had a spark..., for the story would ve got a different flavour if the writer had portrayed the being which starts of from her at the end as neither male nor female..:)(which is true)....the story would ve become a prose-poetry .it would ve taken a different path totally like gibran's writings which are still pregnant with light.. but,its from a budding writer,and probably bcoz its a girl..she made it "him"..which is her own right ..her own nature...and ofcourse its her own story! real gud start..all the best..
    With regards,

  2. You wrote this one on my BIRTHDAY...Jan 30... :)..and about the story, i like the way you find love in every happening of the world...Even in a doomsday..nice :)

  3. thank u :) love is everywhere,we just fail to realize it in most of the cases :)

  4. Quite a different and fresh idea to work upon....loved the subtlety and poignancy in romance...

  5. Nice to step in here...keep blogging :)



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