Tuesday, July 5, 2011

He held her hands tight and walked to a bench in the park. They sat in the bench and looked at the kids who were playing around. She rested her head on his shoulder and tried to tighten the grip with which she was holding his hands. There were lot of other pairs sitting on the other benches in the park but none looked as cute as this couple. Suddenly they saw a guy kissing his girl. She raised her head and asked him "Do you remember our first kiss?" he smiled and nodded. He said "I still remember how scared you were to kiss me. We were sitting in the same park in the same bench. you looked around and you were very much scared to kiss me.Silly girl. I just can't forget how tensed you looked the moment after you kissed me". She said “I really miss those days" He immediately kissed her on her fore head. Everyone in the park looked at them with a strange exclamation. he looked at one of those exclaimed faces and said "I kissed my wife. Anything wrong?" She leaned on him and closed her eyes. Few minutes passed, still she did not open her eyes. She was motionless. He got scared. He took the help of people around to take her to the hospital. 

She was admitted in the hospital.It was not something casual but very serious. He did not know what to do. He ran to the doctor and pleaded him to know what was happening to his wife. The doctor said "Im sorry. She is nearing death." He did not move, tears rolled down his cheeks. Suddenly he got reminded of one of the promises he had made to her.she had gifted him with a shiny box on one of his birthdays. She told him that he should open it only when she was almost dead or nearing death and that it was a promise. He did not open it till today, he kept up his promise. He ran home and picked the box from the locker of his cupboard. He opened it and it had a letter from her. He read the letter and the next minute ran to the hospital. He wasn't able to talk a word. Tears flooded out of his eyes as he sat down near her with the letter. She looked at him and smiled.her eyeball did not move after that, she was dead.
Searched by ME

A teenager ran inside the room and started crying. She lifted his head which rested on the bed she was lying. He was dead too. It was her grandparents who were lying dead in front of her. She saw their hands tied to each other and a paper in between. She slowly took the paper and read that. It was written 40 years ago when her grandmother was 20.It read

If you are reading this letter then that means i am facing death soon. Love you so much for keeping up the promise.Im sure I would have lived a beautiful life as it was with you. Im sure that you would have made me smile, the entire life. Death need not always be a sad thing. Dying after living happily with a person like you makes me happy. Please smile for me now.I don't know if you have teeth when you read this. But I know your smile will be cute as ever.
I have one last wish. You have always lived in my eyes and heart and i dont want them to be burnt. I would like to donate them. I want you to live in those eyes and heart as long as possible. 
Please live with a smile after my death as i love the way you smile. 
Ur love 

As she wished her eyes and heart were donated.Maybe he was dead but she made him live through her heart and eyes.

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