Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I was walking down a strange street which I had never seen before. It was so daa-aark. The road was not seen as it was covered with dry leaves. The environment I walked in was so pleasant that, it could make any normal person feel great but I wasn’t happy at all. But why? My hands were feeling incomplete without his fingers. Yes he wasn’t with me, anyyyy-mooooore. I wanted the road to lead to his place but I was sure it wouldn’t. I wanted him to run towards me from the farthest of the road I could see but he wouldn’t. I tried hard to plaster a smile on my face to make myself feel that I was bold enough to face the situation. But all I could do was to cry, cry aloud. Everytime we met he used to slide behind me as silently as possible to go unnoticed. He used to walk along for a while behind me. Suddenly he would hit my head from my right and vanish in the left. This time when I walked I constantly looked back but he wasn’t there to play his usual prank. Suddenly I could feel a familiar touch over my head. Was it him? Was he following me all this road-long as usual? I turned to my right, and then left again right, then left but he wasn’t there. I looked up like a fool wanting him to be there at least. I did not want to miss a single direction, I was missing him soooo much. It wasn’t him but a dry leaf that hit my head. Suddenly my head where the milli-gram weighing leaf had hit started aching so bad as though a ton weight had fallen down from a great height. I closed my eyes in pain not in the head but in my heart.

I could feel the wetness of his lips on my forehead. This time I didn’t want to disappoint myself so soon so I took a little more time to open my eyes.My mind knew it couldn’t be him but my heart refused to take the truth. I slowly opened my eyes crossing my fingers but again it wasn’t him but the rain drop. I wanted it to rain badly as I wanted someone to cry along with me, it pained so much in heart. It did rain heavily and my tears went vanishing in it thought I cried badly.

I could see a big shining stone at a few steps in front. I ran to it and saw what it was. I cried harder, hardest as never before. He was no more. I touched his name scripted on the stone and washed the grave with my tears. Suddenly I opened my eyes and everything vanished, his grave, the land, the road I walked on, everything vanished.I was in my good old bedroom. But there was one thing that remained- my tears. Did I really cry? I was wondering what had affected me so much.
“Was all that a dream? But why did I suddenly  dream of such things?” That is when I realized how much I got involved into the book I was reading “P.S.I Love YOU”. Gerry of this book dies on a day that happens to be my birthday. Maybe that was the reason. Still I am refused to come out of the dream. Now as I proceed reading the book I feel as though it’s me who is talking to me, it’s me who cries for the dead Gerry. I am sure this dream will stay fresh in memories and the tears will stay in my heart for a life time. Who knows one day I might get letters from the dead Gerry in my dreams for every month.
It might be just a book we read or a movie we watch but the impact these things create are not just measurable. Books have the power to change one’s thinking and also life. I feel sorry for myself for having realized this so late. “Better late than never” I pat my own back.

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  1. aw, i am about to read this book....why did u have to reveal about gerry's death *buries my head in my arms and weeps* :'(


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