Tuesday, July 5, 2011

"Honey!i love you" Sham used to say each time he left for his duty. Sheela was no less in romance; she used to give him a kiss whenever he left home. Her usual is to stand near the gate and wave her hands with a wonderful cheering wide smile. She would stand at the gate till Sham leaves the street. As he reached the end of the street he would turn and fly a kiss away from his lips towards her.They were ideal couple i would say.i would love to narrate their story to all of you. The way they lived inspired me so much and im sure this love will inspire u too. Sham was tall, well build and fair complexioned. Sheela was a good looking female who was playful to the core. They enjoyed living together. Be it 1 am or 2 am, she would wait for him to eat together. Every night before falling asleep she would curl in his arm, cuddle him up and tell him the whole day’s story. Though tired he’d listen patiently to her. Finally when he tells about his day she’d fall asleep. Whenever, at night, she moved away from his arm, he would get up and place her head in the same position as before.Today, Sheela isn’t ready to kiss him before he leave. She still manages to control her tears and waves at him wishing him good luck. He walks a few steps and gets back to her and hugs her, kiss her on her forehead. 

The moment he disappears from the farthest she could see, she runs inside and locks herself inside the house and starts to cry. She doesn’t even realize the door bell ringing for past 5 minutes. Then the phone vibrates in her pant pocket and she regains conciousness. “Hello”“Hello sheela. Can I come in? I am at your door steps. Please let me in I am in a critical situation.” She runs to the door and opens it. “Come in aunty. Why are you crying?” the woman next door comes in with eyes filled with tears and hands shivering. “My dear, uncle is caught in the Taj hotel that’s being attacked by terrorists now. Are you aware?” “My husband left to Taj five minutes back……” sheela continues crying. “But why did he go after knowing well that terrorists have broughtit under their control and are blasting it? ““A soldier can’t stay home during such attacks. He has gone on duty.”-sheela“Oh my dear, sorry for that. Ok come let’s watch whats happening. Switch to NDTV. Make it fast.” The two women settle in front of the television both with tears.“ Army bravos have gone inside but there is no news from them still…. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaw.. there you can hear another blast, it must be a very powerful bomb ..the corner room of the first floor is completely under fire.” Barkha says on NDTV (live)“Pray to God that uncle should not be inside that room” “Sure aunty. I will defenitely pray for uncle’s long life”They silently watched the news updates till the next morning. After a day of silence finally the aunty spoke. “See there sheela the war is over. People are safe. See the list of people who are saved, uncles name is there thank God.But what about Sham?” aunty wipes her tears and smiles. 

“Let’s wait and see aunty.They will release the martyrs names only then we will know if Sham is alive or …” sheela smiles. “What kind of wife are you? Your husband is inside and you do not know if he is alive or … not and you smile and casually say let’s check the martyrs list. Aren’t you feeling bad for your husband? Don’t you want him to live with you? Did you really love him? ………..oh…..See there the martyrs list is out.Sham’s name is second.Sheela wipes her tears and smiles. “Aunty, it is only because soldiers like my husband sacrificed their lives people like uncle are alive. I’m roud to be Sham’s wife. Your love might live as long as uncle lives but our love and my Sham will live till India lives. We love India.” That’s the story of every martyr’s wife. So let us respect them or at least remember them once in an year. P.S. this story is fully imaginary

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