Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Everything went well until he told me that. i did not expect him to act this way. he proved to be a small immature kid. what did i ask for? it wasn't something big, but he refused. he did not even consider it. I was very happy but not after what happened that day. so now what happened? i will tell you.

Like everyday i got up early, i was forced to and got ready to go to school. i went to school and sat in my usual place in between the two twins. Mam came from i-don't-know-where and asked us all to take our 4 line ruled notebook. i opened the zip of my bag as slowly as possible and slided my hand inside it to take the notebook. that bag was 'mine' i was very careful in using it. i never kept it on the floor, it always had my lap to sit on. suddenly i discovered the horrible thing. i did not take my pencil to school that day. "where is my pencil?" my mind kept repeating.Mam started to dictate something i did not know what it was then. later i discovered it to be a song my mom used to sing to make me eat right from the age of one. I was very angry about what my madam did. I always thought it was my family song and it was meant only for me to eat or sleep but now the whole world is taught the song. She did not even sing in my family tune, it did not sound like a song itself. that is when i thought each family will have a different tune but the song remains the same. What was the song you might ask. it was "ABCDEFGHIJK...."(heard that song without a tune for the first time.) coming back to the horrible problem.i did not have a pencil to write. the previous night i had used the pencil to make modern art on the walls of my house. "Oh God! what do i do now". suddenly an idea cropped up in my mind. i turned to my right and asked one of the twins ( i did not know whom) a pencil. he bluntly said "I wont give it is mine". i did not want to ask the person to my left as i thought twins would always respond and talk the same way.i started to cry. suddenly i heard the other twin telling me "Dont cry. It is my pencil only but i can give you but you should not break the lead. ok?" i was very happy. I decided not to talk to the rude twin-brother of this sweet guy again. i said to myself " this boy who gave me the pencil will remain my best friend and the one who refused to give will remain my enemy for ever. i need to take revenge (influence of movies)." the day got over and i manage to give the pencil without breaking the lead. i went home and thought for a way to insult that twin brother the next day. different ideas came to my mind like- throwing his pencil away when he is not there in the class, tearing the last blank page of his notebook and a lot more violent ideas came to my mind. I calmed down myself and slept. Next morning i woke up myself as i was very much eager to execute my plan. i got ready so soon making people at home ask "Is anything wrong with you?" I ran to my class where these two were standing. i had never gone so early before. Usually everyone will be seated when i get in. there came the biggest problem ever. It shattered all my plans. the scene i saw shook me more. one twin said to the other "Dont keep changing places everyday. i cant keep swapping places whenever you want." Now who was the rude one and who was the good one?! i was confused. i did not know who i will have to execute the plan with. They were identical, they had the same coloured bags. I went to my place and sat calmly. They both settled. i was reminding myself that one of them was my best friend and the other, my enemy. i looked at them and started to ask something. suddenly both of them gave me a pencil each, a brand new 'Nataraj' pencil. They said it was a gift to me from them. Now things were clear. i decided "From now both of them are my best friends." DEFINITION 2 FOR FRIENDSHIP: any BOY who gifts/lends you a pencil is a friend.

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  1. i know u cooked up at the last...

  2. ya ya...but i rlly got scared the first time i saw u n shashank together... n the pencil matter is true ;)

    1. Hmmm LKG itself you were promoted to use notebooks. I was offered to use only slate


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