Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I was looking for a messenger that lets me to CHAT for free with my friends. The number of apps available for messaging alone was growing day by day. As and when a new app joins the pool of apps the confusion is stirred even more vigorously in our minds. I started fishing the pond of apps.

I had so many questions popping up in my mind. I was so greedy that I wanted a single App that answered all my questions.

There were days when people called the boring texts as chatting and CHAT ended within the 26 letters. But the emotions and the flood of thoughts, we want to share with our loved ones ,doesn’t fit into the ‘just-26’ letters of English. Isn’t it? I wanted an app which lets me chat with text, voice and video. WeChat gave it all.

Missing someone who is too far away geographically? WeChat makes you feel they are always with you, connected, with its audio and video calling feature.

WeChat makes distances a virtual-zero-KiloMeter long.  

Does chatting end there? Not at all. Sometimes there are few thoughts we want to convey but feel odd to utter the word of it or talk about it. Sometimes we want to make a boring conversation a little funny. Sometimes we might want to make our friends feel how exactly we feel. Yes, WeChat has emotions too. But aren’t static emotions out dated and boring? The most attractive feature of WeChat, to me, is the animated and wide range of emotions WeChat provides. The surprising aspect is that WeChat lets you add new smilies from your album. Isn’t that new and exciting?

WeChat has an extensive range of animated and custom emoticon and emoji art. It also has a customizable background.

Do I have to talk to just one friend at a time? Alone we have fun but with a group we rock. I wanted an app that will let me group chat. Again my search filtered down to WeChat.

 WeChat allows you to voice and text chat with a group, maximum of 40 people, at a time.
I am fond of making new friends. WeChat has a feature that lets you make new friends. Shake lets you find new friends across the globe and Look Around lets you find new friends (WeChat Users) near you.

I want to share photos. Facebook is a way but I want a way to share photos along with all the messaging demands I have in a single app. WeChat again quenched my thirst.
Moment’ feature of WeChat lets you apply artistic filters to your pictures and share with friends.

         I’m bored of talking to friends. I want an app where I can play too. WeChat has a Rock-Paper-Scissors mini-game.

WeChat is not just a messenger. It is a social-networking package which has all that we want in just one click.

Small Comparison with the few other apps I used to use, not anymore, not after downloading WeChat.

         Way**sms app lets me text message mobile for free. But I couldn’t send audio or video.

       Wh***app lets me text message and share audio and video files but I wasn’t able to video chat. I didn’t have games. I couldn’t find new friends. I couldn’t accept or reject friends. I had to add their numbers and they had to add me. At times adding contacts was a little complicated. But WeChat lets you send friend’s request. WeChat lets you accept or reject the request.

         Sky*e has static emotions, no new friend finding feature. No photo sharing feature.

Finally, My fishing was done and I had found the best App from the App-pond.

 WeChat is soon to facilitate its user with sharing the Apps they use with friends. Share photo, music, video, games, news and other kind of social content from other third party Application plug-ins, soon with WeChat.
Suggestions to the developing bulged brains of WeChat team-
·         Please make the App less bulky for users with less memory left over in their smart phones.
·         Make it a lesser battery eat-up App.

‘Will I be able to download WeChat?’
Yes if you are the user of following platforms-
o    iOS
o    Android
o     Symbian (V3 & V5)
o    Windows
 Blackberry version launching soon.

WeChat supports 17 languages including English, Hindi, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Spanish and Portuguese.

What are you waiting for? Download WeChat now and get connected.

I am writing this review as a part of  Product Reviews program at BlogAdda

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