Saturday, November 3, 2012

Me the DEATH not the sinful BIRTH

I am a surprise to every man born
But been a friend to none for long
They wade me away don't know why
They don't realize, i take them to sky

So soon i try to visit a few
Misfortune they say with a hue
They leave me the moment i befriend
I feel lonely without a friend

Even standing at the grip of life
They only think about their wife
I ever long to meet a alive man
Tears around put me in a guilty pan

Some greedy men, even at senility say
"Whatever the cost i am ready to pay
just leave me and go let me live more
for few more days,in the bed, let me snore."

Why only him, the sinful "Birth" you rejoice
Trust me i am better than an affectionate spouse
None can escape from the hold of me
Never try to come near on your own, its a plea. 

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