Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I have always had a craze for cooling mintz. They don’t only make you feel fresh but also vacuums the bad breath, halitosis, dry mouth, and lousy taste . When I was a kid and forced to eat something I don’t like calling it healthy, I used to munch the food I hate as fast as I can and secretly throw a mint into my mouth. The bad taste that lingers in my tongue goes unnoticed with these mints. As I grew up, I hated how people smelled when they talk after they eat chat items. I didn’t want to be one among them. So I always used mints for the benefit of people I talk to. When we travel for days together say from Chennai to Mumbai on roadways or in a train we wouldn’t have the patience to pick the brush from the locked suitcase. So we brush with our hands. That’s when we hate our own bad breath the most. That when we need to think of Ultramintz cooling crystals.

‘Ultramintz’ the name was unique and it grabbed my attention to taste it. Ultramintz started impressing me right from the moment I got hold of the samples. The mint pellets were placed in a tiny tin case that looked extremely cute. This tin was very small that it could fit the pant pockets and doesn’t become so visible. Also we don’t have to worry about the tin getting open if we throw it into our clumsy handbags as it has a very small opening that could throw out a single pellet at a time on tapping from behind. This was a cool idea, we don’t have to eat all the palettes at once fearing it would spoil our bags or the mints will become tasteless.

The Ultramintz mint pellets are sugar free. So we don’t have to break our heads counting calories each time we have it. The moment you put it in your mouth you can feel fresh. Ultramintz mint pellet melts like cotton candy in your tongue leaving a nice smell back in your mouth. As it melts in your mouth it gives a cooling effect to such an extent that I would call it an inside AC exclusively designed for our mouth.
If you are just “COOL”, it’s time to change. Now be “COOLEST” and knock out everyone around you.

What I liked the most:
-The stylish tin that contained 60 Ultramintz cooling sugar free pellets. It is easy to carry and also keeps the crystals dry.

-The  size and shape of the pellets. I still remember how I used to quickly swallow the giant size mintz at the stroke of bell after lunch hour at college. Those are huge mint rings which stays so long in the mouth and are hard to melt. It takes more than an hour to melt itself and give us a cooling feel, very slow. But Ultramintz was fast and easily melts in the mouth giving us an instant cool and fresh feel. Also those giant mint rings used be so visible when we change its position inside the mouth so we can have it when the teacher teaches. But Ultramintz are tiny but powerful mintz that will help us have it anytime we want without getting caught to the teacher.

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