Saturday, February 14, 2009

Getting deleted from the womb, I loaded you,
from that moment my burdens are zipped to few.

In every folder of my life, you are hidden,
You help me tirelessly, you are an unpaid maiden.

Minimizing the radius of the earth, disclosing Deep Ocean,
You display before me, knowing my passion.

By copying your stuff and merging my talent,
Any difficulty gets dilute, HEY! 'Universal solvent',

You taught me rhymes when I was a kid,
Double clicking my brain leaving it open without a lid.

You amaze me with your world wide knowledge,
And entertain me filling my teenage.

In all my works you were the "F1",
You help me often, tirelessly like a sun.

Oh! My friend you are a 'web of knowledge',
"I'll not misuse internet" must be a pledge

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