Saturday, February 14, 2009


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The most irritating thing any child could possibly face is comparison. It has been a custom for ages. No matter what the issue is comparison peeps in and plays a vital role in bringing down tears from every my eyes.
It’ll mostly be my father’s cousin’s daughter’s classmate’s friend's… who is being compared with me and mostly it’ll be in front of the nasty enemy, the poor talented child. I won’t even know her name but she will become an everlasting enemy due to comparison. The moment her excellence is discussed I'll be punched and filed for another case of laziness. This has always made me stay away from lot of talented minds, made me felt really low. It has driven me to such an extent where I even hate attending 'compare and contrast' questions in my examinations.
I’ll mostly tell to myself “Ok. It’s all for my good. Let me take it in the right sense.” But the very moment there will be a comparison between times. The situation will demand a long, long ago story which will start with in 1960s you know we where this obedient, that disciplined and all the goodness will follow up the list. God only knows if these are really true and if it did happen in the past. But poor me, an obedient child, must nod and keep nodding for the whole tale. Changes that have evolved in the world since 1960s will always be an invisible factor to them.
But I can never compare my parents and my friend’s parents. Though the point is valid it'll never strike them and they'll behave as though they have got the copy rights to compare.
For a change let me also compare and contrast two types of parents.
“Why can’t you top the class when she can?” yelling and comparing parents.
“You can easily top the class and you can.” Pleading and encouraging parents.
Comparison is like cockroach which will irritate but encouragement is like a street dog behind me in a running race, it’ll help me run fast in the rat race.
It has always seemed to me like they are cockroach lovers and in their try to make me gain "most brilliant" title they make me become dull headed. I just want them to be a blend of cockroach and a street dog and select the situations and location for changing faces.

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  1. But I can never compare my parents and my friend’s parents.
    Nice line


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