Thursday, April 9, 2009


VOTING- the only way to get a proud BLACK MARK(on the fingers).
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"VOTE" was first known to me just as a word in the pages of my social book. To make me understand, what voting actually means,my sincere mother took me along to the voting center once. There started my thirst to vote. Without knowing the seriousness of voting i, being a normal kid, wished to get the black mark on my finger after casting the vote. I convinced myself saying it was a "BIG GIRL's" pride and not mine.

There were days when i envied the eye catching paintings of leaves,lotus,hand ,sun,etc. on all possible walls around.That was not the age to know that those were not just art work but party symbols. As my knowledge about election grew, i started longing to vote.

i was so happy on my 18th birthday considering the "RIGHT TO VOTE" as the governments gift to me. Its only when my father told me about the importance of each and every vote i could realized how responsible i should have become holding this right. 

Voting is not selecting our favorite food in some hotel.Its like cooking our own healthy food. As how we give importance to each and every ingredient, every single vote has so much of importance in electing a worthy government

The whole country's fate lies in which BUTTON WE PRESS. So friends.. don't remain lazy to register for your voters ID immediately you cross 18. Your casual negligence might lead to misfortunes of the country. As citizens, lets realize the responsibilities that hug our shoulders and boldly take it up.


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