Saturday, April 11, 2009

Reality remains only in the name of reality shows. 
Ugly fights and paid tears have become a trend of the present reality shows from the days of "simbhu prithvi", "vijayadhiraj simran" fights till the funny try of mm3's kushboo ramba fight. "UNGALIL YAR ADITHA PRABHU DEVA" had anepisode filling unwanted fight not between the celibs but between the contestants for a change. contestants were asked to vote for a non deserving co participant but the votes were not considered for judgment clearly showing that it was just to fill the pockets of the producer by increasing the TRP. Though the fight was well scripted we people are not fools to sit and watch anything and everything,calling it "REALITY". Humiliating participants will surely not increase our curiosity anymore. We want REALITY show and not REEL shows. 

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