Friday, April 17, 2009

POETRY angled my view

I was one kid known for the newly invented spellings even for the simplest word one can find in the dictionary. Vocabulary was one word i hated because i was very poor at it. The simple reason behind it was the absence of the so called "scholars" hobby,READING. I was bad to the extent that one could call me a VACUUM OF VOCABULARY.There was one particular poem ,whose name is somewhere hidden behind my poor memory, in one of my primary class english books. which had few words spelt wrong to bring up a beautiful rhyme in the poem. When i asked my teacher she explained saying "Poetry follows not much of grammar and spellings are not of prime importance , what matter is the emotion that is glued within". These words wiped my tears and inspired me to write poems. I understood that poetry swallows grammar and hollows the emotional burden.

What made me discover that i can write good poems as well? It was all a website which allows us to post anything and everything we write and the other members comment on our writing. I still remember the first poem ever written by me titled "CAUGHT IN THE interNET"  which got good comments. The next poem got comments from people around the world. That was the time i proudly lifted up my collar and said "got a comment from california,.. south africa, ..delhi..." to everyone i see. I could feel my feet flying 2 inches above the ground. All the down facing curves in my face suddenly started facing up with a pride.

Poetry is not a set square which has fixed dimensions but a compass that can change the angle we view life.
Trust me when i say that writing poetry has not only improved my creativity but also influenced my way of living. Every day ,my mind parties for the birth of a new thought. Only after swimming in the pool of poetry, by writing and  reading lots and lots of poems, i understood what emotions are. Personification made me say to MR.LONELINESS-"BACK OFF DUDE!" I've so many things to accompany me if not people. Even tears seemed to be fans of my poetry who gently rolled down my cheeks begging me for the next poem describing the emotion of that moment. I started liking even the saddest moment of life and taking things easily. I realized that whatever that happens is for my good,just as the gita says, as i consider each incident, a theme given to me for the next poem. 
Now i can realize that reading others poems and digging the thesaurus in the hunt of rhyming words has improved my spelling,grammar and vocabulary to a great extent. 

So whenever people pour the the glycerin ed words on you quoting you poor vocabulary, wipe your tears and start writing poems. 
POETRY is a POWERFUL TOOL THAT CAN CHANGE A VOCABULARY VACUUM TO A SUCTION PUMP, rather call it a happiness maker and emotional stress breaker. 

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  1. Nice Blog you have here ... btw who was that teacher ??

  2. it was ponarasi miss :)
    5th std nu nenaikaren

  3. hey,
    just came accros this blog....nice flow of thoughts and expressed with apt words....gud one


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