Thursday, April 9, 2009


"Colleges should strip the illiteracy cover of our minds and not the dress, under the shelter of the word RAGGING. The apt word describing it would be 'MENTAL RAPE'", cries most of the college goers. The only justification the raggers give is that ragging is a bridge to befriend a juniors. But it is only aimed at the cheap fun they get by abusing the juniors and carving the word SENIOR so painfully in their minds.They fail to understand that juniors are less just by age.

Aman is not the first victim of ragging, but what are we going to do to make it the last, remains a question mark. We have strong laws against ragging but those laws are just strong enough to be printed in papers. Can just weak words in the name of law save people?? surely not. what is needed is proper 
'humanitarian concern' that schools should inculcate.

We have laws against every unruly act in the country. Does that mean the unruly acts doesn't happen at all??
The same goes to ragging. Instead of thinking about how to increase the number of pages under an act in the law book, we must think about inculcating proper value based education right from primary schooling. 

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