Thursday, June 21, 2012

 Nxg has helped me in a lot of ways. I improved my language, started reading newspapers regularly and I can say I got a job because of Nxg.

-Improved my language: Regular Response to Nxg:
              I started reading Nxg 2 years back. That was the time i hated to read newspapers. My dad being a Public Relations Officer(PRO) would pester me everyday to read newspapers. For him glancing the headlines will not do, he will want me to read The Hindu, top to bottom like i was preparing for some I.A.S examination. I still remember that was a Thursday and i had promised dad that i would start reading newspapers from that day on. There was a supplementary name "Nxg" which had articles written by college students. The whole paper had contents relevant to youngsters like me. There was also a question about ragging asked in that issue. I just thought i will respond and i did. The next Thursday(2nd, april 2009) I broke the routine and got up at 6 AM, surprising my mom. I was waiting in the door steps for the paper. The moment i got the paper i flicked through the pages of Nxg and my name was right there in BOLD letters with my article above it. 

             There started my journey of friendship with Nxg. Then i started responding to all the questions asked in Nxg for readers. I have got more than 10 of my articles published. I frequently write for the last page but my article has never got published in the last page. But i never gave up. I will eagerly see the last page every week to know if mine got published and each time the three articles in that page will be better than what i had sent. So I kept improving my writing each time and im still improving. I can find great difference in the way i write and how i have improved in these two years. I have also developed interest for photography and i can say it is solely because of lens eyes. I have sent few entries for "lens eyes" too 

-How i got a job because of Nxg-
                   You must be wondering how Nxg could get me a job. When i entered my final year the first thing that scared me was placements. I was on one hand excited about it and on the other hand pressurized because of the high level of competition. Finally The Day of campus placements came. That was the first company to visit my campus and it was TCS,my dream company. I was preparing my resume the whole of the previous night. The first thing i filled in my resume under extra curricular activity was "Regular response to Nxg,The Hindu". I also carried an album of all my articles that got published in Nxg. I had more than 10 Newspaper clippings. I was asked to enter the panel and i was so scared. I entered in and gave the interviewer my resume. He looked into the technical skills and asked me few technical question which i managed to answer something close to 'right'. I was sure that he was not impressed the way i answered. I could make out from his facial reactions. I was nervous and scared if i wont get the job. 
               Then he turned the page of my resume and the first thing that caught his eyes was "Regular response to Nxg,The Hindu"He asked me what it was and I showed him my album full of Nxg clippings. He saw those articles one by one. I had my response to various topics like Ragging, going to Australia, Voting , Valentine's day, handling stress, etc. He said "You have got your own opinion about everything and you have the potential to present your idea in a way that could impress the editor. That shows how good you are in presenting what you think." That gave me a little hope. I knew he got impressed with the file and he made it clear by saying "I'm impressed particularly with those newspaper clippings.We need people like you, we have our own magazines for which you can contribute." That said it all, i was sure that I will get through. Finally the results said i was placed in TCS, my dream company. I take this as a opportunity to thank my dearest companion "Nxg". Thank you Nxg

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    1. yes..check may 2012's @tcs..
      PAges from a bachelor's diary :)

  2. Good experience that!!Looks like NXG has helped someone through to TCS. Welcome to TCS by the way :)



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