Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Case 1: When she was with him

That was when he had called me out. The location was kept as a surprise for me. I was eager. I kept asking him where we were heading to throughout our drive.
 Finally, he stopped at the beach. I loved beaches and I had been asking him to take me to beach for a long time. I ran around, ate cotton candy- my favorite and made sand sculptures to an extent I knew it.
I sat next to him and he kept looking at me. I could give anything to stay there, like that, forever. It was a romantic moment. Suddenly, he said ‘Let’s walk in water.’

‘Oh no’ I hit my head and said to myself.  Only then I got reminded of not removing the hair on my leg.

“I wish I had opted for my hair removal” I cried to myself.

Suddenly an idea stuck my mind. I excused myself for a few minutes and ran to a nearby restaurant. I locked myself inside the wash room and dug my bag.

There she was, my angel- GILLETTE SATIN CARE.

I rolled up my pant. I unwrapped the Satin Care and ran it along my leg. There I was with fresh, soft, hair free leg.

It was easy, smooth, clean and quick.

Five minutes passed and I was back with him. We walked in the water making the moments memorable and romantic. 

Stop motion Video made for the contest by me

Case 2: When she was with her friends at shopping

I went for shopping with my friends. We were all geared up for shopping with a heavy bank balance. It was the first week of the month. Everyone tried three-fourths and shirt-skirts. When they came out of the trial rooms the first thing that glittered in front of my eyes was their legs; smooth and hair free. I looked around and found few clothes that were just knee length. Friends thrust few nice clothes on me and asked me to try them but I chickened out. Few of them were really cool but I couldn't help it. I felt jealous.
‘I wish I had opted for my hair removal’ I said to myself with few drops of tears edging my eyes. I wish I had GILLETTE SATIN CARE in my bag. I would have got ready for all those trendy dresses within minutes. 

Case 3: When she was with her baby

I love my baby so much. I always stay close to her. I spend all day with her and time flees away so fast when she is around me. As usual, I picked my baby and took her to the bathroom for a quick bath. I rolled up my pant and lay her upside down on my leg. The moment she was made to lie on my leg she started crying. I give her a bath once in a week. I thought she was scared of water and decided to postpone the bath to the next day as she cried uncontrollably. I gave her food and took her to bed. It was my baby’s sleeping time. I made her to sleep on my arm. The moment her cheek touched my arm, she started crying again.
Tears rolled down my cheek for not knowing why my baby was crying so much that day. I picked her up and she stopped crying almost instantaneously. Again I put her on my arm and again she started crying.
Oh God! How did I miss it?!  
My hairs had been pricking my baby so badly that she cried out so much.
‘I wish I had opted for my hair removal’
GILLETTE SATIN CARE helped me stop the tears of my sweety.

Case 4: When she was in Find-out-where
I was full of hair.
 None of the guys looked at me but at girls next to them.
Everyone compared me to anyone who had excess hair on them.
I always felt bad when they said that.
I wanted to be like those girls, pretty with smooth skin, out there.
Finally there was a guy impressed with me.
He admired me and clicked me with his camera.
I acted like I did not notice and secretly blushed.
Finally, even he walked away.
Damn! ‘I wish I had opted for my hair removal’
Why don’t they understand that I am a woman too?
I cried and cried
If I ask for a hair removal with GILLETTE SATIN SOFT they would call it weird
I wish I don’t get locked up in this zoo in my next birth
Did you find who I am? Think and scroll!

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  1. GB! Love your wit and sense of humour :)

    You've been nominated for a Liebster Award. please check my post for details -

    Congratulations and keep rocking :)

  2. Wow!! Aliebster Blog Award!! Thats awesome <3 Congrats congrats congrats my dear Ganga!! <3

  3. *BOWS DOWN* What creativity! Your video is one of the best I have ever seen.


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