Sunday, March 17, 2013

“No ma..please don’t apply so much oil.” I used to beg mom every morning. Mom applied oil everyday while she braided my hair before school.  I always maintained my hair short, till shoulders. But it was thick from the scalp till the end.

Every weekend grandma applied oil and used only shiakai paste to cleanse it. One the bathing was done she used to dry it with Sambrani smoke. Though it was a long and tough process, my hair was healthy, shining and thick till the end.

School life ended and all these extra care for my hair ended too. I hardly oiled my hair and used random shampoos that were stocked at home. I was never particular about the shampoo or oil that i used. I used to cleanse my hair and dry it with a dryer to meet the college timings or to be on time for a weekend plan with friends. Eating habits, sleeping style and lifestyle changed. That lead to a fatter me and thinner hair. 

When i started working, the pollution had started working on my hair. The pollution and the heat stripped my hair of its natural oil; made it thin and splits arose at the ends. I couldn't oil it daily; I couldn't use home made herbal pastes or the natural drying methods. Split ends made me shy to braid my hair. Life, suddenly, felt so complicated. 

"Can't anyone help me with my hair?"

"Will I be able to braid my hair like before, with pride, with thickness till the end?"

I have made a video to depict how I got the answers for these questions..

till 2007
again on 17/03/2013

This post is part of the Beautiful Ends to Your Beautiful Braids! Contest on Indiblogger, in collaboration with Dove Split Ends Rescue System.

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  1. You really have beautiful hair. It liked that braid.

    1. Thanks...I wish it remains the same healthy for few more years :)

  2. your entries to all the in indiblogger or blogadda :)
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  3. you have gorgeous hair and the vedio is so good :)

  4. Gorgeous hair, I'm currently repairing mine with pro naturals moroccan argan oil, it's very good!


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