Sunday, March 24, 2013

Do you understand the above scenes?  Yes, I am trying to talk about medicine and money. Doctors were seen as equivalent to god. People respected them so much those days. How is it today? You are rich, you get treated properly. Even medical treatments are not affordable.  Who should we blame for this? The doctor? Certainly not. He invests in lakhs to get into medical college. Just like every other common man he wants to take back what he invests. So are we going to blame the educational institutions which get a lot of money to give people seats, without even looking at the marks? Again, it’s a no. People are ready to pay in lakhs to get their sons and daughters into reputed institutions. They know very well that they are blocking the seat for a student who deserves the seat better. But their only motto is to make their own kid a doctor or an engineer buying them the seats. So when there are buyers and the demand is high, its normal for a business person to increase the cost of what’s sold. That’s what the educational institutes do. So who is to be blamed for all these? You, the common man,  should be held responsible for the sales of education and business in medical field. 

A girl was gang raped in Delhi. A lot of people spoke about it, blogged about it, protested, came together, went on fasting, and demanded that the rapists be hanged. Good that there was so much happening. But didn’t rape happen after that? Ok, now that’s not the point. So many men said they are against rapes and rapists. Can all of them assure that they have never given a girl a mental trauma? Do you think a girl will be affected only when she is raped? Even a guy trying to forcefully kiss a girl can cause a mental trauma that will haunt her all through her life. Why kiss, even a vulgar comment by a stranger who passes by her can give her equivalent pain. A lot of females face this kind of torture day in and day out. Ask girls who travel by public transport, they will tell you how men try to gain pleasure just by passing comments or by getting close to them. A man coolly lean against a woman or passes comments or abuses her at work, but do you know what could happen later? She might give up her dreams to avoid all these; she might give up the income that she earns for the family or she might tolerate all these, contain all the pain within and still go on with life. The one second joy a man gets by abusing a woman can ruin her life, along with her family’s, forever. Since these small ways of torturing women goes unnoticed and non-punishably common, a woman is seen only as a source of sexual pleasure by most men. When such small hindrances are voiced by a woman we blame it on her dress or the time she had gone out. So, women have no other option but to keep their mouth shut and tolerate all the non-sense, getting used to it.
Who is to be blamed? Men? No. All of us who judge a woman who tries to voice out the abuses she faces in her daily life.

People say all these crimes happen due to improper governance, at least the opposition says this (whichever party it may be). So are we going to blame the politicians for the problems in the nation? One party says they will give us free tv and the other says mixer, grinder. Whoever gives better freebies wins the election. How cheap that they trade the future of the country with grinder or tv, we might ask. But why are they promising all these freebies? Why do they compete even with the list of these free items? Because we vote for the one who gives us most attractive offers for voting. How many of us have read the election manifesto before voting for someone? How many of us even know the name of the person we are voting for? We randomly vote or we vote for the name that’s so familiar. Worst cases, we don’t consider voting important and enjoy the leave sitting at home. Who should be blamed if a non-deserving candidate wins an election and loots the country? Us, the common man. When there is a scam we just stop with blaming the person involved. Have we ever thought that we were the one behind all the scams? We were the one who elected him. I am not trying to say that we can change the government with just one vote but if all of us at the least try to vote for the best after analyzing the manifesto and knowing the candidate better, there could be a change in the future.

Addressing a social problem, analyzing the cause and giving a solution are what we had to do. Why am I saying all this? Because I find US, each one of us, the reason behind every problem we face; our mindset. If there is a change in our thinking, within ourselves, I am sure half the problems will get solved on its own, without any additional effort.
Stop fasting, protesting, campaigning; first reform yourself, bring the change in yourself.
Through this article I am not asking you to change the way you think or blame others, I am just saying that I have stopped blaming others and bringing a change within ME than others.

Join hands, change yourself and lets change the country.

The shooting scenes in the below stop motion doesn't mean the people in the picture must be shot. It means these problems must be eradicated. Those people in the shooting scene represent the problems and not themselves.

This article is written for ISB iDiya for IndiChange.

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  1. totally agreed with every field you covered...great visuals too...good luck for the contest....:)

    Arish Dhawan


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