Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I once thought that these stylish hair-dos are not my cup of tea. I thought i never had the skill or time to do different hair styles. I decided to try TRESemmé's sample that we received and take part in the contest.
There was a remarkable enhancement in the texture of our hair after the shampoo and conditioner were applied. Below are the few hairstyles I tried from the "Ramp Ready hair".

Butterfly Ponytail

This was the simplest and could be made in a minute. 
I would suggest this for any random day to work when you want to show a simple change in your looks.

Best for small parties when we have a little extra time to make the braids. 

Goes well with: Designer saree, ghaghra, choli, churidar and the like

Clover Pony:
Make a butterfly pony.
Fold the pony and tug it into the band under.
Best for daily hair do as it takes less than a minute or so.

Goes well with: any casual wear

Messy updo, braid back style:Partition hair into two: top half and bottom half.Make a bun with the top half. Split the bottom half into six and make small buns with each of the parts. Plug flowers, artificial or real, on each of the small buns. pull out few strands in the front to make it look trendy.

Occasion:Best for big parties, marriages when we have an hour to get it ready/
Goes well with: Saree, grand glittering dresses.
Best for small parties when we have a little extra time to make the braids.

Goes well with: Designer saree, ghaghra, choli, churidar and the like

Hair Bubble Band:
Put a low pony. 
Partition hair into two half. 
Roll one part around the band used to tie the pony. 
Punch few bun hair pins around to keep the roll around intact. 

Best for formal events; day to day trendy look.

Goes well with : Saree, Chudi and kurthis

Special thanks to my sister for trying TRESemmé's shampoo and conditioner and later letting me try all the hairstyles on her hair. 

Submitted as a part of the "TRESemme' Ramp Ready Hair" Contest hosted by

Tresemme's Ramp ready hair Youtube channel here.

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  1. Nice... Wish i could do few simple ones like these on my frizzy hair!

    1. these are simple :) U try them and lemme know how they worked :)

  2. Ganga, your sis hair is very lovely ..the butterfly ponytail looks pretty on her :)

  3. Great hair styles :-) loved the post :-)


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