Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I was surprised at the start as the scene that I thought was the seed of the book was talked about in the first few pages itself; the answer to the question ‘Who will die?’.  I was little surprised as to how the story unwinds from there as it was a challenge to tell out what people think as the suspense in the first few pages and still make a book gripping. But the author has successfully kept up to the expectation that the cover image sets. The cover image has a girl with a confused expression. All white and only the girl which tell us that the pages beneath will surely revolve around this female.

Yoshitaka and Ayane Mashiba are married for a year and they have already fallen out of love. The story starts with the scene where Ayane and Yoshitaka have a rift with regard to having a child. Yoshitaka wants to move on as Ayane has not been conceived in the one year of married life. He says he wants to have a baby and a family. He finally reveals the unsaid but known truth to her that he was going to leave her. She understands that she was going to get replaced. She leaves the town to meet her parents and the author takes this as the right place to introduce the new love of Yoshitaka. IT happens to be Hiromi, Ayane’s friends; someone who Ayane had trained.

Yoshitaka and Hiromi plan to go out and Yoshitaka doesn’t turn up. Yoshitaka is found dead in his apartment. Ayane becomes the prime suspect though she is miles away from the apartment at the time of murden. In spite of being the prime suspect the detective in charge of the case falls for her the moment he sees her. This is not the same boring plot where there is one detective solving the entire case all by himself. I liked this particular aspect of the book very much. The detective’s assistant, Kaoru, suspects Ayane strongly. Detective, Kusanagi, himself wants to save Ayane for the love he has for her. Kaoru seeks Detective Galileo help. All three take different road with different approach but arrive at the same spot finally. Kusanagi’s brilliance glitters through and makes every reader fall for him.

The coffee was poisoned. Yoshitaka was dead. His wife and the prime suspect, Ayane, has all reasons to be suspected clinging to her but is miles far away. But she is still suspected. How did the coffee in the cup get poisoned? This question makes us investigate along with the detectives in the story. The detective finally figure out how the coffee was poisoned. But there is no evidence to prove this. What to do now? We also get puzzled at this stage not knowing what the upcoming pages were going to reveal to create a strong evidence. Finally the drawer brings out the evidence with the person behind the murder lot of questions are answered. The final chapter is rushed through to get the logic right and the story complete.
A good book for people who love mystery.

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