Tuesday, June 4, 2013

As we age the beauty of brain grows but the beauty of the skin fades away. It worries women as they become less visible and less talked about. Wrinkles, uneven skin tone, rough skin, lost glow get increased as the number in our age increases and the word ‘Aunty’ haunts women from there.

‘Aunty’ ‘Aunty’ ‘Aunty’. I know this word was lingering in you after you read the previous line and you were stuck with it for few seconds.
 No? Then you are yet to reach a stage where you need a fading agent to fade the echo of the word. 
Yes? Then OLAY is the word that should echo from now on.
Olay total effect cream promises to do the following to an aging skin:
1.       Even skin tone
2.       Smooth skin
3.       Reduced lines and wrinkles
4.       Moisturize
5.       Add a glow
6.       Vanish age spots
7.       Minimize pores
I tried Olay on two different skin tones- fair and dark.
Effect of Olay:
1.       Even skin tone – visible change in even skin tone and the dark spots were made less visible on application of Olay.

2.       Smooth skin- The skin was already little smooth so a noticeable change wasn’t felt in the smoothness after application.
3.       Reduced lines and wrinkles- Wrinkles looked reduced after applying Olay total effect to a drastic extent.
4.       Moisturize- The person on whose face Olay was applies felt a good change in the moisture level of skin after Olay was applies.
5.       Add a glow – Due to the even skin tone and the reduction of fine lines the skin look already clear and hence a glow was felt.
6.       Vanish age spots-Age spots were gone.
7.       Minimize pores- pored were not a visible problem for the person with fair skin on whom I tried it on.
Person looked few years younger which the person liked and felt. Olay brought a smile on the person.

Other aspects:
-The dispenser was amazing and a new method compared to other fairness and aging creams. The dispenser made sure only the required quantity was dispensed and a good ceil when the cream was not used.
-Color of cream: Biscuit brown.
-Thickness of cream: medium
-Smell: Not a noticeable smell. The smell is one big plus for this cream. Doesn’t stink of scent like the other few creams.

Negative aspect:
-Too less for the amount paid. Highly expensive.
-Not very much suitable for dark skinned people as it is in biscuit brown it becomes too visible even if smoothly spread out on skin. But for fair skin to wheatish it works fine.
-Way too thick and the pores get too clogged.
-Makes us sweat more than usual.

I would definitely recommend Olay Total Effect Aging cream to people I know.
I am trying out Olay Total Effects as a part of the product review program at
Hope you use it and replace the word Aunty to Beauty.

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