Friday, June 21, 2013

“I have something to tell you.”
“Excuse me!” Riyaz asked.
“I have something to tell you, sweetheart”  said again the rough female voice from the other side of the phone.

“Who the hell are you?” Riyaz raised his voice. Few seconds of silence passed. Riyaz suddenly realized that he was in office and he had raised his voice more than normalcy. He felt embarrassed and quickly stood up to check if someone noticed him shouting over the phone. The entire office was empty. He moved his mouse to bring back light on his pc’s monitor. It was 10 pm on a Friday. He had lost himself in work that he hadn’t checked on the time.

“I have something to tell you” again the robotic rude female voice said over the phone.
“See I don’t have time for all these jokes.  I need to rush back home. Bye ok..” he tiredly said.
“You will need my help tonight. Listen to me.” She said.
“Listen, let’s have this fun some other time.” He yelled at her.
“You will regret if you cut the line now.”
“Let me ok? Thanks.” He was more than annoyed now.
“When you feel cornered, helpless dial my number and I will tell you that something.” She said and the line got disconnected.

Riyaz tried uploading the project he had just completed into the server.
“NETWORK ERROR” was thrown.
“What?! You are kidding me.” He spoke to the computer.
He kept trying to upload his project after checking and rechecking the network cable. He heard someone swiping their access card. He was surprised. Who swipes into office at 10pm on a Friday?! A pretty girl walked into the floor, towards him.
“You are still here Riyaz? Don’t work too much, alright?” she said.
“Who are you?” Riyaz asked.
“I am Riya. I work here in the nights.” She said.
“Riya? Nights? You work with Softs software?”
“Yes. Move aside.” She pushed him gently and sat at his desk. She restarted the computer.
“Excuse me, this is my system and I am still working. I don’t think we have night shifts in the team and I have never heard of you from the team. Show me your access card.” He demanded.
“Sorry I can’t.”

He picked his mobile and tried dialing his manager. He got a computer voice saying that his phone’s outgoing was barred. He was shocked. Why would it happen so? He was confused.

Riya logged into his pc with her user name and password. He was confused even more. She kept clicking the mouse and he heard the printer printing something. She stood up to go and get the print out.
“I will make some coffee for myself now, do you want too?” She asked with a cute smile on her face.
“No. thanks.” He was still confused and shocked. Why did his mobile not work? Who is this girl about whom he has never heard of from the team? How was she able to log into his PC? Why is she logging into office at 10pm Friday? He stood still thinking about all these.

“Why should I worry about all these? Let me start back home. It’s a Friday.” He told to himself and packed his bag. He went to the door and swiped his card. Neither the door opened nor the card reader beeped. He swiped again; nothing happened.

He ran to the printing room to check for the girl. She wasn’t found there. So he rushed to the pantry next. The moment he entered the pantry the coffee machined beeped and the cup under the nozzle was filled with coffee.

“Riya” he yelled. It echoed. He has never hear an echo in the pantry ever before. It was strange.
“Riya” he called again. He heard a coffee cup breaking sound in the working bay. He ran out of the pantry. Adding to his fear all the lights were put off. He saw only a little beam of light emerging from his pc monitor. He walked towards it. The whole office was so silent that he could hear his own footsteps so distinctly; even that passed a fear in his nerves. His office lights were handled by a central control system so he could do nothing even if he wanted to. Before he could reach his pc even that light went off. He tapped the keyboard to put the monitor’s light again. But nothing happened to the state of the monitor. He picked his mobile and used the flashlight of the mobile to see where Riya was. He slowly moved the mobile to cover inch by inch of the working area.

The mobile flash brought to light the big vacant office, the computers around, slowly it was panned across the door of the printing area. He saw Riya when the light moved away, for a fraction of second. He again focused the light on the doors of the printing room and called ‘Riya’. He walked towards the room calling her name over and over again.
He lit the room with the flashlight but he couldn’t see her. He walked into the room near the printer. Something hit his feet and he fell down. He dropped his mobile and there was no light again as the flashlight was facing the floor. He had fallen on Riya he realized.

“Sorry Riya. You are here. Are you ok?” he asked as he rolled down from being on top of her. She did not respond. He caressed the floor and found his mobile. He picked it up and stood up.
“Get up Riya.” He showed some light to help her get up.

Her throat had a cut line and eyes wide open. Blood was oozing out slowly. He was terrified. He ran out and tried to swipe his access card again. Door didn’t open. Card reader din beep. He took out his phone from pocked and dialed his friend’s number and got the same response ‘Outgoing barred.’
He found himself trapped. Helpless. The voice of the female who spoke to him over the phone lingered. He dialed her number from the call log. Her phone rang.

“Hello. Please help me. Who are you? I am….” He could talk more. He felt soaked in sweat.
“I have something to tell you.” He heard her voice not through the phone but the announcement speakers. He dropped his phone in fear. It was pitch dark inside. He heart himself breathing and his heartbeat.
The light in the conference room suddenly for turned on. It scared him more. He walked to the conference room shouting “Who is there?” repeatedly. He opened turned the conference room knob and opened the door. IT was a small conference hall with 5 seats round the table. He found a cup with steaming coffee filled in, on the table. He heard the voice “I have something to tell you” from the speakers again. He was about to leave the room; he turned to the door. He heard a noise and turned.

He opened his mouth wide open. He was utterly shaken from within. Fear could have killed him any time.
“Want some coffee?” It was Riya, sipping coffee from the coffee cup. Her face was horrible. Pale white and skin was broken here and there on her face. Blood was dripping from those cuts on her face. Eyes was complete brown and she was smiling wide with her  teeth shown at its full length. A terrifying scene. 

“You..” He pointed index finger and ran as fast as he could to the door and banged on it. No response. His phone hit his foot. He picked it up and tried to call someone again but got the same response. The printing room’s light went on. He was reluctant to go to that room. But he had no option left. He walked to that room. His curiosity rose to see what was printed before all these frightening scenes happened. He walked to the printer and picked the paper.

“Riyaz must have killed me if you get to see this tomorrow. –Riya.” Was printed on it.
He was shocked. He tore the paper into small bits that no one could even make out what was printed; not a clue. The printer started printing. The next sheet also had the same content. Before he could complete tearing, the printer printed more and more.

His phone rang and the display showed Riya’s picture above her name. He was tensed. He ran to the pantry to make sure her corpse was still there. He was thoroughly confused. She was still lying dead with the cut in her throat. He found a little slippery. It was her blood. She was surrounded by a pool of blood. He had stamped it. His phone was still ringing. He had a paper from the printer in his hand. He was tensed. He removed his shoes and threw away. It flew and landed hitting her corpse. Some warning bell rang within him that he shouldn’t leave the blood stains all over the office. He ran to the conference room which was still lit. The coffee cup was lying on the floor of the entrance with coffee spilled out. He stretched his leg over it and walked closer to the door. He opened the door.

 Riya wasn’t there but his shoes were hung on the over-the-head lamp with lace tied to the road connecting the lamp to the ceiling. Blood was dripping at the center of the round table from the edges of the shoes. His threshold was reached. He couldn’t take more of this. He broke down. His phone was still ringing. He was too terrified and ignored the ring. He cried aloud calling out for help and sat down on his knees. He placed the print out and his phone on the floor. He covered his face with his palms and cried as much as he could.

“I have something to tell you.” He heard it again from his phone. He looked at it and the call was answered. The phone was put on speakers.
“What the hell you have to tell me?” he yelled and the phone got disconnected.
A message was delivered before he could think of doing something.
“Vanish the trace of my death. Else you will spend the rest of your life behind bars.” Was delivered with the name of contact Riya.

“Who the hell are you, Riya? Why am I trapped here? Can you hear me? Are you here?” he shouted aimlessly. All the lights started gaining power slowly and the whole working area was lit again, like the usual.

He turned to the conference room at which’s entrance he was seated and found the shoes missing. He ran to the pantry and found the corpse there. His shoes was right on her face and stomach. He had to vanish all the clues. He couldn’t even think of anything else. He ran to the printer room and shredded all the print outs. He went to the pantry and picked up Riya’s corpse. He took the cleaning cloth and pressed against her throat. He dragged her out of the pantry and placed her in a sitting posture on a chair. He pulled out the bubble top and splashed water on the floor. He wiped the floor clean and washed his shoes. He carefully placed back the bubble top and put on his shoes. He picked his bag and tried the access card now. The card reader beeped and the door opened. He peeped out to see if there was someone. There were none. He couldn’t have hidden the corpse inside office as his swipe out time would create suspicions on him. No one would believe the real happenings. He had no other go but to take her to his car. He dumped her down under the backseat. Threw his bag on top of her and drove down to the main gate. The security guard opened the gate for him. He was tensed but wanted to play it cool. He drove fast and reached a lonely stretch of road; Some highway. He pulled out the corpse and threw her in the middle of the road and drove away fast. He was a little relieved. He didn’t want to tell this to even his close friends. He was out of trouble and it was the end of the story. He took an u-turn after a long drive and went back home. He couldn’t wait to close his eyes for a while. He had the most terrifying night ever.

Rays of light hit the lids of his eyes. He couldn’t sleep further. He habitually went to the rest room and took a relaxed seat on the western closet. Suddenly the vision of Riya stuck him. Was it all a dream? He opened his eyes and saw himself in the same jeans and even the shoes wasn’t out of his feet.
He was confused if it was a dream due to too much stress at work or if all these really happened. He checked all the news but there was not a single mention about any such corpse found in the highway. He was relieved and convinced himself that it was all a dream. He wanted to ignore this thought. He got ready to attend his friend’s party and drove to his friend’s place. He spend two full days boozing and enjoying with friends. He came back home on Sunday in the night and directly hit the bed. He conveniently ignored the thoughts about that night. He didn’t want to know if it really happened or not.

The next morning he drove to office and continued doing his usual work. He avoided the pantry, printing room and the conference room. Post lunch his boss had asked for a report and he gave print. He went to the printing room and was standing there reluctantly with a little bit of fear still stuck to his nerves.
“Hey Riyaz. Did you stamp some dead rat or something?” his colleague asked.
“You have stamped something man. See your shoes is leaving a small trace of blood. I saw at your desk. Need to escalate the rat issue to admin. Last week I found a dead rat under my desk too.” He said.
Riyaz ran to his desk and found the trace of his blood stained shoes along the path he had walked. It was clear on the white floor.
‘So was it all real?’ he was shocked.
“Riyaz are the reports ready?” his boss asked.
“yes sir. Two minutes.” He went to the printing room and picked the printed paper.
‘It might have been real or a dream but let me avoid thinking about it.’
His phone rang. He attended and said “hello.”
“I have something to tell you.” A lady spoke in a very pleasing tone.
“What?” he couldn’t believe. Not again, he thought.
“You received a book ‘I’ve something to tell you’ by Ganga Bharani, for review 2 weeks back from Blogadda sir. Have you put up the review on your blog?” she asked.
“Not yet.”
“You must review the books within 7 days from when you received sir. Kindly put up the review soon and drop us an email. “
“Thanks sir and have a nice day.” She said and dropped the call.
‘So it’s a book? Oh my god. I had read a book last night. It wasn’t a dream or reality. It was just a book. Thanks god.’ He said to himself and spent the rest of the day working hard for his company.

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  1. The story was intriguing enough for me to finish it, even though my eyes are tired! I tried writing horror, but everyone found it funny :) Your horror story is good throughout, but only in the end it becomes normal.

    Destination Infinity

    PS: So, people from BlogAdda call us if we don't finish the review on time, is it? Next time, I should try it :P

    1. Yes they do :)
      Bcoz i was late by more than a week.. so they called to confirm if i got the book or not :)
      blogadda ppl are lovely actually :)

      Dont do it yar..we accept to review in 7 days na..we should do it within :)

  2. Also, the story could have been a bit shorter.

    1. Ya I felt the same. When i started writing i had no clue what the story was going to be :( I just wrote in a flow cooking story at each line :( Din know where i started and where i ended :( Sorry

  3. hahahahahaha....i am not sure what to make of it...but the horror in the beginning was good and the climax had me rolling off with laughter

  4. wow. gripping narration.. with a lengthy read and bit disappointing climax, i still appreciate you for making the end not predictable for such a horror story.. good one. enjoyed reading it :-)

    visit mine --> A Rat's Nibble - I Have Something To Tell You..!

  5. Great story, Ganga. Loved it.
    P.S . I have tagged you for this five day Five stories challenge here –
    Hope you enjoy it :)


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