Monday, June 2, 2014

 State?! What’s that?
How often have you had an opinion about something to yourself? Very often right. We sometimes post it on Facebook or twitter and few people retweet or like it. But have we ever thought if it is the right platform to opine about something? If you have, here is where you can opine about anything under the sky or even above it. is a platform exclusively to state your opinion on various stuffs around you.

As a beginner:
The name of the site, ‘State’, stands for its own purpose; you state what you feel. The moment you type in your address bar you will see a very colourful page with people splashing colours on each other; looks more like a photo from a Holi celebration.
“No followers and no fame, what am I doing here?” for people who have this question in mind, you get the answer the moment you enter the site. The site says “Quickly state about whatever matters to you, get counted, and connect to like-minded people around the world. No need for hashtags, followers or fame.”
One can sign into State through one’s Facebook profile, twitter profile or even an email address. Makes it simpler for people like me, who hate to type the details again and again, site after site, for just a sign up.

After signing in:

The state header makes it easy for a beginner to navigate. The state button at the top center takes you to a pop up box which lets you search a topic you want to state about. In case you don’t find your topic, you could create a new one. Then state lets you pick a word. Say for example, you select big bang theory as your topic, you could select ‘interesting’, ‘overrated’, ‘brilliant’,’ engaging’, ‘boring’ or any such words and also type a comment about it.

The moment we state our opinion, we get to see the statistics of the states made by people around the world about the same topic. So we don’t only opine what’s in our mind about anything under sky, but also get a chance to validate how inclined our opinion is to the majority of people’s thoughts. Don’t you think this will help us in the funny debates with our friends and when we have a difference of opinion? We just have to sign into and show them how majorly supported out opinion is. We also feel empowered when we can make predictive analysis about something as important as an election. We just type the party’s name and check how many supporters are on state for them and how well they are going to perform in election.

Interface and navigation:
One of the very attractive first page, you can scroll and look at what the site exactly offers even before you sign up for the site. Not many sites provide that.
After signing in also, the state button is so visible and at the top center so there is no chance we find it difficult to state. And even when you state it doesn’t navigate you to another page, you just have a pop up box to state, most sites do this and this is very helpful to not get lost in the site.
We can segregate and see the states based on our wish; the topics are like entertainment, politics and the like. We could filter out what we want and make it visible on home page.

To follow someone you just have to tune in; click on a tuner that turns green to make you tuned in to that person. The states made will have three options below-‘ Agree’, ‘Disagree’ and ‘well-said’.

How awkward is it when someone puts up a status about a rape case and you like it? Very awkward, for sure. So this sites gives you an option to say ‘Well said’.
How many times did you want to dislike someone’s post and felt handicapped for not doing that? This site offers you a ‘Disagree button’
Facebook and Twitter don’t give you an option to see the statics of your opinion but state does.


So what are you waiting for? Join today and start making your opinion heard! 

State is available on the web and iOS AppStore. The Android app is coming out very soon.

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