Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Nioxin, a US based hair treatment product, was recently launched in India. We, bloggers, were invited for the launch event, held in various cities. The word ‘Thinning’ is the most favorite word for most women, I bet. But when it comes to hair that’s the most dreaded one. So, when the product was a treatment for hair thinning I was curious to know more about it. I registered myself for the event and was short listed.



            We all gathered at Bounce saloon Nungambakkam, hoping to hear some miraculous remedy for hair thinning problem. The representative from Nioxin started the presentation with a simple description of the product, calling it a scalp facial. She asked how many of us went for regular facials and why; she said the same applies to our scalp, which is an extension of facial skin. That was the first time I heard a hair product concentrate so much on the scalp than the hair. What interest me more than the product itself was the story behind its invention. The founder of Nioxin, Eva, had a severe hair thinning problem post her delivery. She then reinvented the way hair treatment was done; from the hair to the scalp. Healthy scalp leads to healthy hair is the seed of this invention.

            They examined the hair based on 3 criteria- Derma, Density and Diameter. They examine the hair and the scalp based on several aspects. All of us went for the scalp examination one after another. The hair expert ran a camera through the hair and showed the ulta zoomed image of the scalp on his laptop screen just like the television commercials. We were all initially a little hesitant to even look at the blown up image of our scalps and later, convinced to go for the examination. Based on the condition of the scalp , the medical history and various other question based examination about the hair condition we were all suggested one of the 6 hair thinning treatments of Nioxin; Activ Renewal, Glyco Shield, Treansactive delivery system, Scalp access delivery system, Bioamp, Smoothplex. Luckily, I did not require any of the treatments as I had no signs of hair thinning and a perfectly healthy scalp. My friends there went for the “Hair Facial” and I hear from them that their hair is still enjoying the refreshment the Nioxin treatment had given it.

Apart from the spa and some knowledge about hair thinning we had so much fun with the Ankita's from Blogadda team, Mumbai. 

"You can try and experience #NioxinNowIndia at your nearest salon. This activity is in association with” 

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