Friday, June 26, 2015

Meeting bloggers is fun, especially when it is a group of girls. What do you think will be the major subject of discussion hen a group of girls meet? Beauty? Fashion? Relationship? Food? If you have an answer to this questions, a specific answer that only means you have not understood girls so well. We girls (the bloggers) met at Bounce salon and spoke about everything under sky. A Month ago, I had posted about the NIOXIN meet.

As you might already be aware from the previous post that NIOXIN is a hair care product that works more on the scalp to help your hair. In short it’s a facial kind of stuff for the scalp. After speaking so much about the brand and the kinds of products, I discussed about it with a famous fashion/beauty blogger- Bhusha. Here is what she has to say about the NIOXIN Product.

Based on the consultation done, she was prescribed product 1. I have to mention that there were 6 such products and you got to use one of them based on your hair and scalp condition. She was suggested to use Nioxin Scalp Renew first at the saloon itself. We were all then given Shampoo, Conditioner and leave-in treatment to take back with us.
Packaging: The product has been packaged so well keeping in mind even the trivial details like the grip. The sides have been serrated for easier grip. The bottle itself is made of thick white plastic with a black flip top, making the usage easy and comfortable. The shampoo is a blue liquid. The conditioner is a white liquid thicker than the shampoo. There is also a colourless clear leave in that goes along with the shampoo and conditioner in the pack.

Bhusha says that she is very happy with the after effects of the product. When asked about the after effects of the product she says,” The after effect of this shampoo is squeaky clean. When we were little kids, after brushing the teeth, sometimes we try to brush again with finger and it gives a squeaky clean sound, remember??!!!! THAT effect!!!! The scalp feels too clean and that was kinda scary to begin with. Scalp has never felt that refreshed before!!! Its perfect for oily scalp, but if your scalp is dry, it might strip off any oil left at all! This much of 'too clean' feel has to be backed up by conditioner!”
When I was wondering how rough it might become when she says “too clean”, she added that the conditioner indeed backs up the too clean feel that the shampoo leaves us with. After letting the hair soak in the conditioner for a bit, when we shower the head with water, we feel the scalp getting so chilled. That’s like a message the scalp sends saying that it’s enjoying the product so much.

Talking about the leave-in, the first thing I got to mention is the packaging. IT comes in a spray bottle so that the conditioner can be directly sprayed on the scalp. One, out hands don’t have to be washed after applying. Sometime this is a big relief. I apply sun screen and then remember that I had missed the leave-in. So I then apply the leave-in , wash my hands and again apply the sun screen. A bit of both is wasted. But when the leave in comes as a spray packaged stuff, it’s easier to apply and we don’t waste a bit of it in out palm.
The shampoo & conditioner are 150ml each and the leave-in is 50ml. Together they cost Rs.2390 and has a 3 yrs shelf life. 

She is happy the way her hair feels after the usage of this product. But it’s too early to comment about the thickening of hair or reduced thinning, she says.

But over all a good product and if it does what it says it would, there is nothing like NIOXIN in the market.

"You can try and experience #NioxinNowIndia at your nearest salon. This activity is in association with” in both the blogposts"

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