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That's me and my journey as a writer in a picture. 

How much does it pain when a woman delivers a baby? I haven’t delivered a human baby but I have experienced the pain, the tension, the curiosity and the love for my books. I always tell my husband that my fifth child will be a Human (4 books will be my first 4 kids).

My first book, ‘Just you, me and a secret’, was published last year and received a decent response. I call my first book a girl as it felt more feminine to me (No idea why). My second book, ‘A Minute To Death’ got released just now (23rd July). Why did I choose 23rd July? Because it had some relevance to the story and it’s my husband, Rajan’s birthday today. What better can make a gift for him than my brain child?

Karunakaran accepting the first copy of my book.

He cooks food. I cook story. He is a Guinness record holder.

Some bits and pieces from the book:

Let’s talk a bit about the book, ‘A Minute to death.’  It is a Crime thriller but has a subtle romance running undercurrent with the story. Riya, an aspiring writer, wants to write a crime thriller. She wants to closely watch a crime scene and shadow a cop throughout a case. How far is this possible? For me it wasn’t possible but for Riya it was, only because her boy friend, Rohan, was a cop.

Okay let me stop here. I might tell the story from my mind but I would like to tell it from the eyes of reviewers. The book was sent to 10 reviewers even before the release (Which is today). Here are the different versions written by different reviewers.

Before anyone else hear what the characters of the book say 

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