Wednesday, July 8, 2015

“Smell” what does this word bring to your mind? When we say “Smell” most people relate it to bad odor and not any fragrance. The reason being that we are surrounded by several sources of bad odor due to population, hurry, rat-race like life and pollution. In short, we are all surrounded by people who are not bothered about tomorrow just like us as today has enough happenings to keep us all busy. We throw stuffs in dustbin at home but how often do we empty the dustbin? How often do we clean the toilets? There will be stuffs that we don’t need stacked near the stairs of terrace and rats would have lived there and even died. We don’t even bother to move even a small bit from it unless we smell the dead rat. But bad odor is something that’s disturbing. Smell is that which creates the first impression on anyone. Because smell reaches their nose even before our image is processed by their eyes to reach their brains; because smell travels faster than us.

            When we have guests at home the first thing we get worried about would be the smell of the house. We try to use different flavors of room sprays to suppress bad odors, if any. When I first looked at the Ambipur review call for bloggers I thought it was just another room spray that will smell strong so that you smell nothing else. I applied for the review and received the package.

            Packaging: First thing first, Ambipur comes in a strong circular container with a spray cap. The spray cap is not the usual press-to-pump perfume like one but a press-the-know-to-spray kind. This set the first and the best impression of Ambi Pur in me. I had got the Blossom and Breeze flavor.

Usage: The moment we press the knob, a small amount of the liquid gets visibly sprayed. We just have to pull the trigger and sweep it across the room. I was able to feel instant freshness spread along with the spray of Ambi Pur. The effect is instantaneous and the smell of it is subtle. It isn’t like some of the other room sprays I have tried, which just makes it’s own smell so pronounced that the other bad odors gets suppressed. With Ambi pur it gives a feel like it absorbs all the other smells and spreads a subtle smell of it’s own flavor.

Cost: The bottle I hold has 275 g of the spray and it costs Rs.250. In my opinion this is a very nominal rate for the effect that it delivers.

Odors in my home:
Dustbin: We are very particular that we have a dustbin in every room of the house. But what we often forget is to empty those dustbins. We throw into it banana peel, organic and inorganic wastes. But we have smart dustbins, they give us an alarm when they are not attended for long in the form of bad odor. I know this is really bad but what happens when you forget to empty it for two consecutive days and suddenly you have a surprise guest at home? I can’t expect the guest to tolerate the smell of my negligence, can I? So bad odor is one way people “Misunderstand” us to be irresponsible.
How I battle this? I just cough several times in front of them and tell them that I wasn’t well. I also pull out old get well soon cards and place them in visible spots. I do this so that the blame of the bad odor becomes my ill heath

Toilets: Though we try and keep the toilets very clean when there are several guests for a couple of days the toilet stinks. During those occasions we wont have the time or mind to clean the toilet having the guests at home. What do we do under these circumstances? WE just need a powerful yet subtle spray that magically dissolves all the bad odor in itself and yet spread it’s fragrance.

Shoe stinks:
The shoe rack might smell so bad occasionally. That’s when I put the socks into it for a week and schedule the washing for the weekend.

Now I don’t have to battle these. I just have to spray Ambi Pur.

Good odor is just a trigger-press away.
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