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Hello Moms and dads,

I am going to review a lot of baby products in this space in the coming months. I will be personally using the toys, products and more related to moms and babies as I have a 3 month old at home. I will also be sharing stories about my pregnancy, delivery and the ideas I used during this phase to make my life easy.

Reviewing product: Bum2Bum modern cloth diaper. I am reviewing two diapers: All in one and new born diaper in this post.

New Born Diaper

All in one Diaper

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Bottomline at the top:

This cloth diaper is super comfortable for moms and babies at an affordable price without compromising on the quality.

Most parents don’t want to use diapers for their babies and are now trying cloth diapers. I also wanted to do the same and hence I tried this bum2bum cloth diaper. The product was sent to me by the brand in exchange for an honest review.


Look, all in one diaper:

I liked the trendy design of the diaper and the finish of the insert. It has soft buttons that doesn't hurt my son's skin even if it is open by mistake. There are several button on the top that can be used to customize the diaper to the length and fitting we want. This helps in reducing the cost of buying several diapers every now and then that are marked as 6-9 month, 9-12 month. This one diaper can fit babies from 6 months to 3 years (that’s what the brand says and I wont be able to personally test this as my son is just 3 months old)

Look, New born diaper:

This diaper is a small one that fits to your baby’s size with the help of a Velcro. This again has a neat finish with baby themed designs.


The brand told me that they are working on Tamil Themes as they are based out of Chennai. They will also be working on more cartoon themes. This anyway is not for the baby but for us and the photos that are going to freeze some amazing moments for us.


I am reviewing the new born diaper based on personal experience and the all in one based on experiments with water.

New Born:

To use a cloth diaper for the new born we need to buy the combo set that has a wrapper (that they call the diaper) and two inserts that comes along.

We have to plug in the insert into the water proof wrapper with the help of a single button, adjust this to fit the baby and press the Velcro.

The brand says it can stay upto 3 hours or as per our usage. But according to me it’s purely based on the pee frequency of your baby. Some babies pee quite often and in this case we have to change the insert sooner.

The pee seeps in from the top layer to the bottom of the insert keeping the top layer that touches the body of the baby dry. You can feel slight wetness at the bottom of the insert that sits on the wrapper if you put your finger into the wrapper. This is to check if the insert is full and we can change it if we feel the backside of the insert a lot wet.

The wetness is not felt outside because of the waterproof wrapper.

Insert front side no wetness

Insert backside has slight wetness based on the pee load.

All In one diaper:

This comes with an attached wet absorption pad with the wrapper. It also has an additional insert that can be placed beneath the attached pad. This is for extra absorption.

I did an experiment by pouring water from a small cup and it could hold upto 10 cups of water without leakage.

When do I use it:

I use it in the day when I put my son to sleep in traditional hammock. Generally, with the normal nappies he wakes up or we have to pull him out of the hammock disturbing his sleep. But with this he gets a nice 3 hours of uninterrupted sleep in the hammock without making it wet.


The new born diaper with 2 inserts costs you Rs.799. Don’t get alarmed looking at this price. It’s affordable because the insert is washable and reusable. When we buy a 20 diaper pack for 300-400 rupees that we can’t even throw away we can buy this for 799 and use it upto 300 washes. I have been using this for close to 15 days and have washed the inserts almost every day so far.

When the baby poops: Please change the cover and the insert.

When to change the cover: Once for two inserts or when the baby poops.

Downside: After long hours of use the elastic, that’s actually soft, leaves a mark on the baby if I fit it perfectly. So, I have started making it a little loose unlike what’s recommended in the product description. I have also passed this feedback to the brand and they have acknowledged it. Hoping to see some improvement with this aspect.

This is a great product that me and my 3 month old baby absolutely love.

BUM 2 BUM modern diapers are CPSIA TESTED AND CERTIFIED as per US standards
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