Saturday, December 17, 2011

Thanks is a strong cementing word, I agree. There are a few moments in life which will make us feel that ‘Thanks’ is not enough to express the exact way we feel.
When we are in a session where the lecture is too boring we start to feel sleepy. Our eye lids will close involuntarily. We will be scared of two things. One, falling from the chair; two, getting caught to the lecturer. Suddenly, a last bench guy will crack a witty joke that will make even the lecturer burst into laughter. They would have helped us better up the moment. We wont thank them for that. We dont thank people who leave a smile on our face. But every smile leaves a deep and strong footprint in the banks of our lifes. This is about one such smile that will stick to one corner of my lips forever. This is a surely not a thanking note as THANKS is surely not enough to express how I feel.

That was a Friday and I was, like anyone else, feeling little sick about working. I did not sleep till 11pm the previous night. I was
searching for a plot for my next blog book ‘Once upon a time in love’. I lost sleep from the day I wrote my previous blog book ‘Relationship Status:It’s Complicated’. I was  Sitting in the window seat of the bus, in spite of the cold and caught the morning wind left back. I had to dry my wet hair and hadn’t covered my head. I kept thinking, why I should spend all night thinking about something that gave me no income. My blog is ad free. My company pays me and I feel tired the moment I enter the company, early in the morning. The tiredness is due to spending too much time in ‘Scribbled By GB’(My blog). I felt like I was worthless and useless.

I entered the lab in my office and sat in my rolling chair in my cabin. This girl came and gave me 2 sheets of paper. The handwriting in the paper was better than mine. I am jealous of people who have a neat hand writing. She said she had no time to type and hence she had written that for me. It was a letter-kind to me and a review about my blog book ‘Just You Me And A Secret’. First of all I was amazed. Someone formally reviewing my blog book?! Surprised.
I crawled through it word by word. I was scared that the content will get over soon. I wanted the content to stay with me for few minutes at least. I bubble gummed the page, stretched it and read. Each word, each syllable, each letter in it was very special to me. The moment I reached the end of one page I was sad that it was over but she surprised me. It was filled even on the other side of the page. She asked me if it was ok, but it was actually better than the reviews I write. Moreover it was about my book that was reviews in a positive way. (Im a normal human writer dying for readers’ positive comments.)
She made my day. She made the nights I spend with my laptop learning proper spellings and grammar worthy.(I’m poor at every aspect of English. I am not saying that I fail to learn. Defenitely Not Modest.) Nobody could ever understand what it meant to me.

Aarthi Shri was the girl I was talking about. I DEDICATE THIS NOTE TO HER.
Thanks? Im still doubtful if ‘Thanks’ can roll-in all that I feel. Still its a ritual to say Thanks to people who do things for you. Thanks.

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  1. hey gb thanks a lot!!! <3 <3 <3 really very sweet of you!!! :) :) :) <3

  2. @aarthi-nothing compared to the encouragement that u give and the confidence ur hand written review gave me :)


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