Sunday, January 1, 2012

When a Lawyer Falls in Love by Amrita Suresh!!

Missing your college life??? Well then you sure need to read this book. The story isn’t based on some plot but rather on the college lives of few friends, which is quite refreshing. This helps to rewind your college days and each and every memory associated with it.

The breezy story revolves around the lives of a set of students who study in All India Universal (AIU) college. Ankur, the chubby and witty law student develops a crush on his classmate Sonali, who is known for her astrological knowledge along with her beauty. Vyas, his best friend and roommate, has a funky girl friend who does crazy things. Souvik, a studious law student slowly falls in love with the most beautiful girl in the class Jaishree. Pavan, the Malayali is the naughtiest and the most talkative one.

Even though Pavan’s house is just next door, he stays in college hostel just because all the students are made to stay in hostel irrespective of where they come from. But as usual, his house gets flooded with his friends during weekend for the home-made food!! The Malayalam-English slang is one of the highlights. The old ambassador which is a little slower than cycle tells a story of its own! The canteen talks and other chit-chats all go on well but till the final year!!

The final year-The roller coaster ride!! Ankur suddenly faces a problem with Sonali’s new acquaintance Rohit, their classmate. Sonali tries to avoid Ankur which makes Ankur irritated and doubt Sonali-Rohit relationship. Vyas’s girlfriend gets a way more funky with her cousin which leaves Vyas confused. Just as Jaishree develops feelings towards Souvik, her parents force her to get engaged to an educated Tamilian..!!

So what happens to Ankur and Sonali after that?? Will they unite again?? What is Vyas’s situation?? Does his girlfriend really love him?? Will Jaishree accept what her heart says or just agree with her parent’s decision?? You need to read to know about it.

Few places make you laugh out loud, while few others just make you live it. As a whole the narration is done elegantly. The law festival is one added delight to the story.

Amrita Suresh’s debut book. A truly witty, pacey, funny and intelligent one as The Hindu mentions it.


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