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“I love you darling. You know how many days I have been waiting to see you.” Rahul left a voice mail to Geeth as she did not pick up the phone. Rahul was a software professional who was working onsite for the past 3 months. His lover Geeth was working for the same company in chennai. They were not able to meet each other for the past 3 months. A lot of things have happened in the 3 months. He plugged in the earphone and played music with the maximum volume possible in his player. “Snehithane...Snehithane” played his player. He was in a very romantic mood. He was badly missing Geeth. He wanted to meet her the day he landed in the Chennai airport. They had planned to meet at the place they had first met; Saidapet railway station.
The first time they met:
It was a morning and Geeth was getting late to her office. She took 15 minutes to walk to the station from her home. It was unexpected. She thought it would take her just 5 minutes. She had to reach Nungampakam and take a share auto from there to her office. She did not take the subway, she climbed the barricage and crossed the railway lane. The moment she climbed up the platform someone pulled her from behind and slapped her. She did not expect this. It took her few seconds to regain life and return to reality.
“Who the hell..” she turned to the person who slapped her. Her eyes went wide, her heart beat faster. He looked damn smart.
“For whom is the subway built?” Rahul asked with an angry tone.
She didn’t have anything else other than “Sorry” as the train had already reached the platform. She was running short of time to fight back. She ran to the train.
He liked her at the first sight. The fear in her eyes. The few drops of tears that rolled down her cheeks, the surprise, the shame. 
The entire day she spent thinking about him. She hated him. She wanted to slap him back the next day. She was waiting for the next day.
The next day dawned. She went warly to the station. He was there standing tall. She looked at him. She used the railway track again with the what-can-you-do-now-look. ‘Today I will slap you back. Im not in a hurry.’ Her mind kept saying.
He came close to her. She expected him to slap. He came closer and closer; she got ready to slap him. He waited till his train, the opposite direction to hers, reached the station. He came close to slap her. Suddenly he kissed her and ran to his train. He shouted saying ‘You waited till today to slap me back. You don’t have to wait till tomorrow to kiss me back, I will be waiting for you here at 7pm. That is how it all started. She resisted herself not to go there at 7 but she was there at 6:30. They met spoke, fought and finally fell in love.

Back to the landing day:
He walked to the Saidapet railway station. He always followed rules and regulations. He got reminded of the first day he met her. She was standing in the platform. He looked at her and flew a kiss. He wanted to get the slap from her. She always wanted to slap him back someday. Just to make her smile and make her slap him back, he crossed the small wall and jumped into the railway lane. She signaled him something and shouted something. He couldn’t hear her, the song was played in high volume. He was deaf to the world outside his player. Within no second a train hit him and he was spot dead.

Subways and bridges are not meant to be clicked and published in newspapers to showcase the development of the city. It is built for our safety and we need to use it.

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