Sunday, January 1, 2012

A mother is one who carries you in her tummy for 10 long months. She controls all her desire, right from food to sleep just for you.
A father is one who helps you walk, guides you through the right path. He places his palm on top of thorns for you to walk.
A child remains a child for a parent forever. But a parent remains a parent till the child is dependent and once the child becomes a man or woman the parents become a burden.
‘We live in the present. We are practical’ people say  and throw their parents in old age homes.
Age is seen as handicap ( No offense). Past is forgotten, present is lived and the future is not given a thought. Wont these people who throw their parent teach their kids the same? Wont they grow old? Wont they become incapable of doing stuffs ? Wont they become a burden for their kids?

If I call a set of people $%$^$%& for throwing their parents out considering them a burden, I will call a few parents with cheaper bad words. There are a few people who give birth to children and throw them away. Just for their pleasure they spoil the life of small kids. Kids are thrown away and put into old age homes.

Why am I talking about old age homes and orphanages all of a sudden? I have a reason.

In old age homes there are parents who have immense love for their kids and grandchildren. In orphanages there are kids who long for the love from parents and grand parents. The kids in orphanages long to be in a family while the old people in old age homes long to be back in a family. Why do we need people from the world outside these two worlds to help them out? Why cant people in oldage homes and orphanages be mapped into families?

OOHOMES is a place where old people and orphans live together as families. Each room will be allotted for a family. A family will have members like grandpa, grandma, brother sister. Each family will be linked to another family inside the OOHOME.

Whats the point? Kids will be happy with a family each. They will get a grandma or grandpa to tell them stories, to teach them culture, to scold them when they are wrong. The old people will get a basket to drain all their love into.

We can’t always expect an invisible god to come and help us. We need to sort out things for our own selves.

I have no idea why I am writing about this. I have written about this 7 years back. But I thought this is the right place to rewrite it. Lot of you are reading this. There might be some reader who is rich enough to set up an OOHOME, there might be some reader who has the social voice to talk about this.


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