Monday, February 13, 2012

The Last Hug And Kiss:

Midst of the ocean in a small boat
We stood together wearing a coat

When I shivered you gave me a warm hug
Wherever I go, ur care follows me like a pug

Suddenly shook the book breaking the silence
Tears rolled down my cheek, no more patience

Knowing well we were facing death soon
Both smiled considering each other a boon

Our first meet knocked the doors of my mind
Telling me how precious you were to find

We found the depth, standing at the edge of life
Not of the ocean but of our love, strangely nice
Water became ready to eat both of us together
Kisses and hugs of love made us not to bother

Death with a smile measured the depth of love
We might die but not our true love 

Love,Me and My guy:

Buds bloom unnoticed,similar is
it entered me not answering
U twinkled like a star before my
fused our hearts together,'ts love
which ties.

all i see is ur lovely face,
i found u moving in life's maze.
whatever i hear is in ur voice,
we have gone mad life making us

you proved that love is lovable,
i know none other than ours is
we wish to live in our dreams,
all nights thoughts SILENTLY SCREAMS.

can we live without these thoughts,
the heat of love melts our hearts.
you are seen in every act of mine,
you, my guy,you are always

Imaginary Boy Friend:

my lips never smiled my cheeks never dried
i locked myself in and continued to cry
vision irritated me so i closed my eyes
tilted my eyes with a heavy tear-pour

my head rested on his shoulders
his fingers filled my right palm
his other hand tugging my hair behind my ears
"why isn't he wiping my tears off?"

i opened my eyes to ask him this
he wasn't there, my head resting on the wall
right hand fingers into the left
air blew my hair back
nothing was real other than the tears

he might be imaginary but i truly love him
he might not be a real person but my love is
might sound funny but imagination is my love
and it will stay with me for ages from now

Love in Dreams:
i didn't have him next to me to hold my hand & gave me a b'day kiss. 
i didn't have him far to call up and wish. 
i didn't have him at all to fight fa all this...
He must have been real. 
He must have come alive to hug me tight. 
but i was a fool expecting all this from him 
knowing well that he is nowhere but in my IMAGINATION

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