Sunday, February 19, 2012

The whole world celebrates this day as valentine's day. But i have not visited any other city other than Chennai on 14th February. Here,as far as i have seen, lot of people think Valentine's day is for young unmarried lovers or people who got married after being in love. Love has no age bar. I'd say the best of best lovers i have ever seen were my grandparents. I remember my grandma being 65 at the age of my birth.My mom being her 9th kid it is no wonder that i have such an old granny. Grandpa must have been around 75. 

Grandparent's cute romance:
I have spent a lot of time alone with them as they were the one who used to baby sit me when i was a kid. My mom and dad were and are working. So i was left in my grandparent's place when i had holidays or half a day school. I really envied the way they complimented each other. Grandma will never come and ask grandpa if he needed coffee in the evening. She used to feel awkward as the home will always be filled with at least 5 members, their children or grandchildren. She used to call me secretly and send me to grandpa to ask if he needed a coffee the second time in the evening. Grandpa's standard answer would be a "NO". I will run back to grandma to tell her this but by that time she would keep the coffee ready for him and plead me to give it to grandpa. I still remember her blushing and hiding those "pink" behind the wrinkles. That used to be so cute. 

Grandma's last healthy night on earth
Grandma was nearing death when she was 75. That was the last night she was healthy enough to speak something. I was put in a room where i was left alone with her the whole night. She was an asthma patient. She was suffering and struggling hard to breathe. The whole night i couldn't sleep as she was talking something or the other sitting on the bed. I was lying down just below her,on the floor. Being a small kid studying 8th standard, i was so scared of her act. I still remember each word she cried out. There was a cupboard just opposite to her bed and that had a sticker of some god, i dont remember which god as i was so taken away by her words. She was continuously praying god saying " God! Give me all the miseries in this world but let my husband enjoy all the pleasure. Who will take care of him after i die? Take care of him god." She said something like this in Tamil. The next day she was taken to the hospital and she never spoke after that. She dies soon after that.

Grandpa's tears and his love:
Grandpa was no less a lover than grandma. After grandma died, when grandpa was in his early 80s, he used to light the lamp in front of her picture everyday and switch off all the other lights. My grandparent's house door will never be closed before 10 in the night. When i suddenly barge in, i would see grandpa' figure in that dark room lit by a small electric lamp in front of the picture. It would be so obvious that he wiped his tears the moment i step in. I had spent a lot of time alone with him. He was so brave, clever and strong. Even in his late ages, doctors envied him for his will power and mental strength for bearing the pain of the illness he had. But such a strong man who was 80 years old crying in front of his wife's picture like a baby defined it all. 

They were the truest lovers i have ever met in my life. Of course my mom and dad love each other but i bet there could be no better pair than my grandparent. I just wish i live a life like my grandparents.Love doesn't have age bar. My grandparents were madly and truly in love with each other till their last breath. I spent the whole of this Feb 14th in their memories. 

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