Wednesday, September 4, 2013

This post is part of the Chennai Bloggers Club’s CBC VIBGYOR BLOG TAG where some of us will write a post on the colors of VIBGYOR each day starting 1st of September to the 7th of September.

 Samitha was a Kingdome which was known for love marriages and was called love kingdom. The king wanted to carry forward the branding his father had left for the kingdom.  But since people were free to love none loved. But the parents wanted to somehow get their kids married though they refused to fall in love. So they secretly arranged the marriages. Somehow the king found it whenever the marriage was arranged. The kingdom was full of singles who were completely against love.

“Chop his head and lose her in a distant abandoned cave where there is no food. Their sufferings should be a lesson for others who think of arranged marriages.” He said to his soldier.
Everyone had to assemble when the head was chopped. The kind witnessed this cruelty and went inside his palace. The kind called Thenali Raman.

“Thenali, I hate arranged marriages and I want to stop people from getting married to someone they don’t love. But I get to chop one head a month. Suggest a brilliant idea to stop it or else I will chop your head.” The kind said to thenali.
Thenali asked for a day’s time and returned to the palace the next day.

“Your majesty. We’ll hang a bag full of indigo dye in front of the palace. This will make people fall in love.” Thenali said.
“How can indigo make people fall in love?” the king was surprised.
The king was puzzled but wanted to test it. “If I get to see one more arranged marriage I will chop your head.” He said.

“Ok my lord.” Thenali went back home.
A month passed and all the marriages which happened were of love. The king was delighted. Even people who turned 50 married falling in love all of a sudden that month.
The king called Thenali.

“How did this happen? People never fell in love till the age of 50. Now, after hanging a small bag of indigo dye everyone gets married.” the king asked.
“That’s the power of indigo my lord.” Thenali said and left the palace.

At Thenali’s home his wife asked him, puzzled. “How did you manage to make everyone find a match? Does Indigo really have some power?”
Thenali laughed and said “I I had asked singled to stuff the indigo dye and hang it in the palace and not wash their hands for a week. I taught people whose hands were stained with the dye how to lie to the king.”

The colour Indigo was named after the Indigo dye. :)

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